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In order to receive help in the channel, you must first read the rules, and search for your problem on this page. I recommend using the search feature in IE (ctrl + F). If you have done this and still need help, enter your irc nickname in the "Help me!" box at the bottom of this page. You will then be given a +v in the channel, and will be able to talk and recieve help.

#xbins-help is a channel mainly for help with the FTP, and general xbox modding questions. In order to foster a more productive environment, we ask that members do the following BEFORE asking for help:
Checked,,, searched on for their answer.

< No Spoon Feeding >
Please understand that most issues are common ones, and have been asked, and answered many times before. People in the channel aren't getting paid for answering your questions. They're hanging around to learn new things and help others when they feel so, and they don't like seeing the same questions a million times. Those types of questions are answered in tutorials, and FAQ's.
If you have found a tutorial, or forum post about your problem it didn't help, or you didn't understand it, mention that in your question too. For example "I followed the tutorial but I cant figure out they mean by this, or, instead I got an error message saying this.." A question like that is much more likely to be answered quickly and accurately.

< Speak English and DON'T SHOUT >
n0 0n3 w4nn4 741k 2 1337 h4x0rz 0r 5cr1p7 k1dd1ez wh0 7h1nk 7h3yr3 u63r c00l and i think ppl aint gonna talk 2 u much if ur lazy and dont wanna use punctuation markz and dont even try 2 spell correctly cuz it just showz that ur 10 yr old moron who no 1 should listen 2 cuz u hav no brainz in ur head.


Others are more likely to respect you if you speak properly. And if English isn't your native language, it isn't an excuse for being lazy. Being lazy isn't the same thing as making mistakes, and I'm sure that most people can tell the difference.

< Be patient >
If no one answers you in 30 seconds, there's no need to start asking why no one's answered you, and you dont need to repeat! Wait at least for a couple of minutes - someone may see your question later on, especially if the channel is not busy.

< Reply to answers >
If someone gives you a solution to your problem, remember to reply to that person. If you face some problems when implementing the solution he's given you, ask further questions so that he or someone else can give you more instructions. If you do so, remember to be specific: what you're trying to do and what happens when you're doing so.

And, if you get your problem solved, remember to say "Thank you"

1. All xbox software can be found on the FTP.
---Do not post links in the channel to XDK compiled binaries.
---Do not ask someone in the channel to send you any software
2. Do not ask for help with any of the following:
---Downloading Retail Xbox games
---Extracting, Burning, or Patching Xbox Games
---Copying games to hard drive
NOTE: This includes personal backups. While making a backup of the game you own may be legal, we ask that you not discuss any nature of the process in the channel
---Where to find ROMS, no matter if you say you are entitled to them or not.
---Where to find the XDK software or help with it.
3. Do not MSG (PM) people in the channel unless you ask them first, or they have asked you to. Most of the time, people dont like to help someone one-on-one. Also, there is a good chance that by getting your question answered in the channel, will save someone else of having to ask the same thing.

Help "features" - For each Item below there is a "keyword". If you type !help keyword-here in the channel, it will message that item to the channel. The bot can also access our Applist at by using the command !app. Simply type !app application-here and it will display info about that application.

Without the services from (where the majority of these tutorials are hosted) this would not be possible. Thanks!

01. ?extra?
02. Help
03. Xbox360
04. Burning Tutorials
05. Dashboard Tutorials
06. Developer Tutorials
07. Exploits Tutorials
08. General Tutorials
09. Hardware Modification Tutorials
10. Modchip Tutorials
11. Networking Tutorials
12. TSOP Tutorials
13. Xbox Linux Tutorials
14. Xbox Live Tutorials
15. Xbox Software Tutorials
16. xISO Tutorials

Read -> osxsmb
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Please read the tutorials and guides. Dont ask to be taken step by step. spoonfeed
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Current xbox360 tutorial 360tut
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Burning Tutorials
How to burn xISO's with Nero burnnero
How to burn xISO's with PrimoDVD burnprassi
How to make a proper 1mb bios File and how to burn a proper Bios cd using NERO burnproper
Qwix(info) ISO COmpile + Nero Burning Tutorial qwixandnero
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Dashboard Tutorials
Basic Guide To Setting Up Evolution-X Dashboard (v1.8.2594 & higher) basicevox
Basic Guide To Setting Up Evolution-X Dashboard (v1.8.458) basicevoxold
Creating CRC's of your different BIOS's for EvolutionX 1.8.2594 INI crcbios
How to Get Evox to work on a CD with a "Dummy File" (all versions) dummyevox
Change the name of a game in in Evox or NeXgen editgamename
Evolution-X Telnet/FTP commands evoxcmds
EvolutionX for Dummies evoxfordummies
Use Evolution X to play multi game CDs/DVDs (v1.8.2594 & higher) evoxmultigame
How to get the extra 2 gigz from your original xbox HD extra2gig
Format a new HD through FTP (v1.8.2594 & higher) formatftpevox
Locking a replacement Hard Disk for the Xbox hdlock
Simple way to install games and apps to the xbox hard drive using Evolution-X (all versions) installappevox
How to link to original dashboard from EvoXdashboard (all versions) linkmsdash
How to auto-launch MS Xbox DVD player from Evo-X (v1.8.2594 & higher) msdvdevox
Restore EvoX if Xbox doesn't want to boot again (all versions) restoreevox
The Complete Guide to Setting Up Evox.ini (v1.8.3921+) setupevox.ini
How to swap HD with EvolutionX (v1.8.2594 & higher) swaphdevox
How to swap HD with EvolutionX (v1.8.458) swaphdevoxold
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Developer Tutorials
Introduction to Bios Hacking bioshacking
Make your own intro movies intro
Make your own intro movies2 intro2
Convert your normal XBox into a development machine retail2debug
How to install XDK debug dashboard to your retail Xbox? (and still be able to play games) retail2debugwgames
The "underground" guide to Setting up the Xbox XDK ugsetupxdk
How to use the XDK to run DVD movies usexdkdvd
How to use the XDK to play a game usexdkgame
How to Use the XDK in a network usexdknetwork
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Exploits Tutorials
Phoenix with audio hack tutorial aexpbloader
Audio Exploit Tutorial Using MechAssault For N00bs aexpmech
The Final Tutorial For St.db Audio Exploit aexptut
How To Boot Original Dash with XTF exploit bootmsdashwxtf
Easy-to-do HD upgrade for a nochip Xbox (You need to borrow an XBOX WITH a chip) exphdupgrade
Guide To Bigger Hdd With Software Exploits Only exphdupgrade2
Plain English Free-x/evox Tutorial free-xtut
Guide To Installing Free-x/evox Using Xlinux free-xwxlinux
Complete Walkthrough of the gamesave hack gamesavehack
Xbox Hot Swap Evox/install Guide hotswapevox
Complete Tutorial to install the Bert and Ernie Reloaded Fonts and the Phoenix Bios Loader. (With a working MS Dash) installbert
How to link the MS dashboard from Evox after installing the XTF exploit linkmsdashxtf
Xbox Linux on Unmodded Xbox / Xbox Linux without Modchip linuxwochip
Lotmr's all-inclusive guide to the Audio Exploit lotmraudio
MA/007 with Phoenix BIOS loader Tutorial ma007bloader
From Modchip To Unmodded Xbox Using The Audio Exploit modchip2aexp
Flash and Install Multibios TSOP with gamesave exploit multitsopexploit
The Complete No Modchip Guide To Fully Unlock Your Microsoft Xbox Using Exploits nomodchipexploits
Hot swap, backup their xbox hard drive, save their xbox's hard drive password, use the Bert_is_Cheating_on_Ernie_-_The_Pheonix_Project to run linux, and install Shallax's Gentoox swaphdxtfgentoo
Technical Analysis of 007, AUF save game hack techanal007
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General Tutorials
Fastest way to transfer files between two XBOX Consoles using FXP 2xboxfxp
Complete Newbie Guide After Chipping afterchipping
The Beginner's Guide to XBOX Modification beginnersguide
How to clone a hard drive for Backup or use in another XBOX clonehd
From Start to Finish, A Handguide to Successfully Running a Modded Xbox completexboxmod
How to change your Xbox name using WinHEX editxboxname
XBOX error codes explained errorcodes
Fixing flashing red/orange tutorial fix-orange-red
How does an xbox modchip work (for newbies) howmodchipworks
Microelectronics PCB Soldering or, The Idiot's Guide to Attaching a Modchip idiotguidemodchip
Life With XBOX After You Installed a Modchip (v1.8.458) lifewxboxafterchip
LPC diagnostics lpcdiag
Modchip diagrams modchipdiagrams
How to fully open an xbox console openxbox
Meanings of Red/Orange/Green flashing leds on Xbox red-orange-green
Complete Guide To Re-Linking a Xbox Game relinking
How to take screenshots and video captures for newbies screenshots4newbs
Total N00b Guide To Everything totaln00b
Xbox Live Game Guide xbliveguide
Xbox Scene Dictionary xboxdictionary
From Xbox DVD to PC HDD to DivX xboxdvd2pcdivx
How To Use Original Xbox Hdd In Your Pc xboxhdinpc
Xbox mod FAQ xboxmodfaq
Guide to Using #Xbins #xbins
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Hardware Modification Tutorials
How to add 2 USB ports to a Joytech XBOX controller 2usb2joytech
Hardware 3 Devices (2 DVD's and 1 HD) on ONE IDE cable with a drive selector switch 3devices
Hardware How to connect 3hdd's and 1PC dvdrom (in suplement of the original) 3hd1pcdvd
Hardware How to replace your Xbox DVD drive with a model 616T Samsung DVD-rom drive 616t2
Hardware Samsung 616t replacement DVD drive tutorial (by ameasey(XBH)) 616t3
Hardware Samsung 616t replacement DVD drive tutorial (by xovationx(XBH)) 616t4
Hardware Modify Samsung Sd-616t For Dvd Replacement 616t5
How to install a 80mm fan in your Xbox 80mmfan
Connecting a LG DRD-8160B as a replacement DVD-Rom, with full functionality 8160breplace
Adding Digital SP-DIF to Advanced A/V pack add-sp-dif
Add A light Bar addlightbar
Adding Two USB sockets to your XBOX addtwousb
Easily add a USB port to your Xbox addusb
Xbox Amber Eject light- Hardrive activity mod ambereject
Adding an amiga joystick connector to your XBOX gamepad amigaconnector
Adding a blinking HDD-LED to the Xbox blinkingled
Quick and Easy HDD Blinking LED for XBOX Case blinkingled2
XBOX HDD LED Mod blinkingled3
Change the LPC capacitor changelpc
Process of chroming (spray painting) your xbox chromexbox
Clear Xbox jewel without sanding clearjewel
Clear Jewel while watching your TV clearjeweltv
Adding coaxial digital AND Toslink (fiber optic) outputs to Xbox coaxoutput
Xbox communicator splitter communicatorsplitter
Hardware Modification Tutorials complete616t
Adding a Power Button to an Xbox controller controllerpower
Cold boot your xbox from your controller controllerpower2
Xbox reset/eject/power controller switch controllerpower3
Controller Power Switch controllerpower4
Install a reset switch in the Xbox Game Controller controllerreset
Controller port led mod controlportled
Controller Port LEDs without modifying the yellow wire or any controller controlportled2
Controller Port LED's controlportled3
A Way To Cool The Xbox Harddrive coolhd
Cooling Fan Tutorial coolingfan
Upgrade the CPU and GPU Thermal cputhermal
Adding a digital output to your Xbox digitaloutput
Enable/disable LED for X-ecuter2.0 disablex2led
Hardware How to connect a dvd dongle inside the Xbox dongleinside
Creating a dual boot environment for the xbox dualboot
Easy way to make Xbox HDD external easyexternalhdd
Easier clear jewel tutorial easyjewl
Adding LED's to the controller ports without drilling holes and hot glue easyleds
Cheaper and Easier XBox RF (Radio Frequency) Remote Power On/Off Mod easyrf
Eject Light Mod Status Indicator Mod ejectstatus
Guide On External Detachable Power Switch extdetachpower
Hardware External HDD Mod Tutorial externalhd
Hardware Add extra connectors to an IDE cable extraideconnectors
Fan Speed Selection fanspeedselect
How to Install a Fan under Hard Drive fanunderhd
Vantec Stealth Case Fan Upgrade fanupgrade
How To Install A Fan Warning System In Your XBOX fanwarning
Fitting a standard USB socket to an Xbox fitusb
Fixing your USB Daughter board Part2 fixusb
U.S.B connectors to the front panel frontusb
Guide To A Dead Power Supply Fuse Replacement fusereplacement
How to make the controller plug glow glowingcontroller
The easiest way to turn your green led to red (without taking off the front panel) green2red
Making your Xbox power led light red instead of green green2red2
Front led tutorial, green to red green2red3
Make your xbox power LED half green half red halfgreen/red
Hardware How to hardwire your DVD dongle into your Xbox hardwiredongle
How to make and install a heatsink for the MCPX chip heatsinkmcpx
How to Increase Your Xbox's Fan Speed aka 12v Fan Mod incfanspeed
DVD Module - IR signal LED ir-led
IR Remote power on/off irremote
Jewel hdd activity meter jewelled
Installing XBOX Jewel LED's jewelledinstall
Xbox jewel sanding and polishing Guide jewelsand
Lan link LED lanled
Adding LED's to Madcatz Micron Controller led-micron
How To Light Up Your Controller Dongle lightdongle
Add lights under the xbox logo on the controller lightsoncontroller
How to Add Lights to Your Xbox Controller lightsoncontroller2
How to make an USB cable for Xbox makeusbcable
How to Make a USB cable for your xbox and a Controller cable for your PC makexboxusb
External Matrix Switches With Front LED Indicators matrixswitches
Memory card reset switch memcardswitch
Guide to Modding your XBOX for advanced A/V moda/v
Making Your Modded SD-616F/T Fit Inside The Xbox Case modded616t
Roll Your own Neon neonlight
Controlling the noise and temperature of your Xbox noiseandtemp
No Modchip Hdd Replacement Tutorial nomodhddreplace
2 Color Xbox Paintjob Guide paintxbox
Indepth painting Xbox tutorial paintxbox2
xbox-pc case mod pc-casemod
Install a PC in the Xbox case pcinxbox
Full Xbox DVD replacement for Pioneer 500M (with xbox eject) pioneer500m
Xbox pot tweaking tutorial for Philips drive pottweakphil
Xbox pot tweaking tutorial for Philips drive2 pottweakphil2
Hardware Xbox pot tweaking tutorial for Thomson drive pottweaktom
Xboxpot tweaking tutorial for Thomson drive2 pottweaktom2
Project 411GB, add switch for 4 harddrives project411gb
Darkness Reactive Jewel Light reactivejewl
XBOX Rear USB mod rearusb
Installing a removable IDE drive bay for your Xbox removableide
How To Recover A Locked Hard Drive Without Password (From a Dead Motherboard) removeeeprom
A super easy way to remove the Tape on the backside of the Xbox Jewel removejeweltape
Replacing a Blown Xbox Fuse replacefuse
XBox $10 RF (Radio Frequency) 150' Range Remote Power On/Off Mod rfpower
Enlightened S-Controller Buttons s-controllerlights
Xbox "S" Controller LED installation scontrolled
Cork inside - Another step to make the Xbox more silent silentcork
How to make the Xbox silent silentxbox
Is noise spelled with an X? silentxbox2
Adding SPDIF Audio Output to the Xbox spdifoutput
The Spinning Jewel spiningjewel
Use v1.0/v1.1 PSU for v1.2/1.3 console swappsu
Ultimate jewel mod ultimatejewlmod
Upgrading Xbox Fan to 80mm fan upgrade80mmfan
XBOX USB-mini-HUB usb-mini-hub
How to attach a USB connector to a Xbox controller usb2controller
XBOX USB Wiring Guide usbwiringguide
Xbox VGA-cable tutorial vga
Water Cooling the Xbox watercooling
Easiest way to have wireless on/off switch for your XBOX and without opening the Xbox wirelessonoff
How to Make an Xbox to USB Cable That Still Works on Your Xbox and Doesn't Look Like Ass xbox2usbnoass
Xbox SCSI tutorial + add extra DVDROM xboxscsi
ON/OFF switch on xlive communicator adaptor xliveswitch
Build an Xshock Controller,24330,3450946,00.html xshock
Adding an Extra Harddrive and Switch to Your Xbox xtrahdswitch
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Modchip Tutorials
Using Aluminum Foil to Make Contact With the X2L[+]'s d0 pogo & the d0 point alumfoild0
PC-bioxx/Openxbox bank switch bioxxbankswitch
Bolt the Matrix/Xodus on motherboard if your original screw is broken boltmatrix
Xodus (Chameleon) Solderless Adaptor Modifications for use on XBOX v1.5 chameleonadapter1.5
Chameleon solderless adapter to X2.x or any LPC modchip chameleonadaptonx2
Chameleon enable/disable light for Live chameleonlight
Build your own homebrew LPC mod (install) & (flasher) cheaplpc
Cheapmod write protect/enable switch or how to allow flashing cheapmods cheaplpcwriteswitch
How to make a cheapmod from a preprogrammed sst29lf020 cheapmodsst
Quik-Tutorial for making custom switch using X2.1/2.2/2.3 lite customx2switches
Dealing with d0 dealwd0
Disable & Multibios switch in 1 disablemultibios
Easiest way to make a BIOS CD using Windows XP easybioscd
Adding Mod Chip Enable/Disable and BIOS Flash ROM Write Enable/Disable Switches To Your XBox enablewriteswitch
How to Use the Expansion Port on a Chameleon for External Switches expandcham
How to fix FCC/FFC cables fixfcc
Simple Tutorial on How to Fix Broken Traces fixtrace
Flash a BIOS chip with a ISA-card flashbiosisa
How to flash an empty Xecuter2/Matrix MOD chip without a programmer flashemptyx2/matrix
How to flash a homebrew directly from evolutionx dashboard flashhomebrewevox
Flash LPC mod via EvolutionX flashlpcevox
Wiring Instructions for setting up a Flashrom (512k) to enable flashing AND dual Bios flashromdualbios
Flashing Your Xecuter 2.x With Ozxchip Method flashx2ozx
Full Guide To Install Xodus/Matrix & setup EvolutionX guidetomatrix
Homebrew dual bios idiot-proof modchip homebrewdualbios
Build Xbox Homebrew Modchip with PC motherboard homebrewmobo
How to install a modchip switch without drilling your Xbox installswitchnodrill
Matrix (Xodus) A-Z Guide matrixa-z
Matrix Enable/Disable Switch matrixswitch
Compare all modchips & Bios version for xbox modchipcompare
A noobs guide to flashing your BIOS newbflash
The n00B's guide to Xecuter2.2 Lite Flashing with Lite Programmer noobx2flash
How to mod your xbox to play non xbox live games from the harddrive playgamesfromhd
Simple method to preparing your "D0" point prepared0
Splitting a 1024kb bios into 256kb splitbios
"STEMS Method" for installing X2 Lite & Soldering for Dummies stemsmethod
Upgrading your Xbox BIOS on a non-upgradable modchipL upgradebios
USB Powered Xodus Programmer usbxodus
Write Protection For Cheap Lpc Mods writecheaplpc
X2 Pro Incognito Case Mod x2casemod
X2lite Switch&Lights Mod x2switch&light
X2Pro switches case mod x2switchescasemod
How to install toggle switches on Xecuter2 Lite x2toggleswitch
Solderless X2.3 lite or pro install with chameleon adaptor x2withchamadapt
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Networking Tutorials
Network using 2 network cards 2nic
basicnetworking basic networking (how to connect your pc with the xbox) basicnetworking
FTP to your xbox using Internet Explorer ieftp
Xbox System Link Guide linkguide
How to MAP XBOX Drives Accessible in Windows Explorer with Windows2000 mapxbox2k
How to MAP XBOX Drives Accessible in Windows Explorer with Windows XP mapxboxxp
PC and Xbox Configuration to FTP to your box pc2xboxcfg
How to switch between 2 network configurations switch2cfg
How to wire up a belkin USB hub wirebelkin
Connecting a Xbox to a PC with a HUB xbox2pcwhub
Copying from one Xbox to another Xbox Without a PC xbox2xbox
Networking xbox to pc using 2 network cards xboxw2nic
Transfer files between 2 XBox's using a HUB/Router and Flash FXP xferxbox2xbox
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TSOP Tutorials
Flashing TSOP With ANY Version XBOX (V1.0-V1.5) For Noobs anyvertsopflash
How to fix onboard TSOP after bad flash with matrix fixtsop
Fixing Tsop With Matrix fixtsopwmatrix
Flashing Xbox TSOP with Matrix flashtsopmatrix
Flash TSOP with no modchip or memorycard flashtsopnomem/mod
Flashing Xbox TSOP with X2 or other LPC mod flashtsopx2
Making TSOP Split 4 Ways and adding a switch multibiosswitch
Making TSOP Split 4 Ways and adding a switch multibiostsopswitch
Adding switches for a multibios modification MultiTSOP multitsop
Multibios Dual Boot TSOP Guide multitsop3
Flash your TSOP without soldering nosoldertsop
Flashing The Xbox's TSOP with a gen1/2 modchip tsopflasholdmod
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Xbox Linux Tutorials
This is a guide to get your Xbox controller working under linux controllerlinux
How to Create a Counter-Strike Server on Linux csonlinux
Using Gentoo Linux for the XBox to share drives gentoosharedrives
gentoox tutorials here gentoox
How to install GentooX on your xbox:y gentooxinstall
How to install Debian Linux using Ed's Live CD 0.0.9 installdebian
How To Instal Linux Debian On Xbox installdebian2
How to Install Linux on your XBOX, Boot it from EVOX menu and keep the contents of your F Drive installlinux
MechInstaller HOWTO - how to prepare your Xbox for Linux without opening it mechinstaller
Preparing the Xbox for Linux FAQ prepare4linux
How to view a remote X session running on Xbox Linux from your PC using Cygwin/XFree86 remotex
Getting Windows 98 running in Gentoox under Bochs in 36 easy steps runwin98
Stream media to your Xbox from a Linux server streammedia
Tunneling a remote X session through SSH on Win32 tunnelremotex
How to use IceWM instead of KDE at Startup in Gentoox useicewm
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Xbox Live Tutorials
Guide to changing your Xbox's EEPROM changeeeprom
Change Your Serial & Restore your EEPROM (which restores your serial) even if you messed it up by flashing it with pixel8's blank eeprom changeserial
How to fix Error 21 by removing Xbox Live from your Xbox fix21
Prevent Xbox Live Banning preventbans
How to make my modded Xbox safe for Xbox LIVE if bios only boots xboxdash.xbe safexblive
How to make your LIVE KIT work through speakers xblivethroughspeakers
How to play on Xbox Live with a modded Xbox xblivewmod
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Xbox Software Tutorials
10 Step Concise XBMP and Relax Setup Guide 10steprelaxguide
Making Saves Action Replay Compatible actionreplaycompt
X-Bochs FAQ guide bochs
BoxExplorer user guide boxplorer
Burn files to disk for Xbox with Ahead Nero6 burnwnero6
bxStream user guide bxstream
How to copy savegames copysaves
Downsampling Movie Files for Game Backups downsampling
Evox Skinner FAQ evoxskinner
Hacking Halo maps manually (with hex editor) hackhalomaps
Flying warthog and other vehicles in Halo (English PAL) halohacking
HD-BURN (High Density Burn) drive on Xbox hd-burn
Installing XBMP (Upgrading to a CVS Release) and Configuring ccxstream for Win32 installcfgxbmp
How to make an MXM-skin from a MenuX-skin mxmskin
Official Xbox-Linux tutorials official-xbox-linux
PCSXBox bin/cue Tutorial pcsxboxbincue
RelaX Guide relax
Gcues True Blue Dashboard Tutorial For N00bs truebluedash
Updating your EEPROM using Configmagic updateeeprom
Xbox Media Player 1.xx HowTo xbmp1.xx
Xbox Media Player 2.4 guide xbmp2.4guide
Xbox Mediaplayer 2.x manual xbmp2.x
Xbox Mediaplayer 2.x Q&A xbmpq&a
How to get XBMP to work with Relax xbmpwrelax
How to edit bios with XBTool xbtool
The XDisc tutorial (multiple hard disks in an external case) xdisctut
XSnes9x FAQ xsnes9x
Yamp FAQ yamp
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xISO Tutorials
Craxtion guide craxtion
How to extract an Xbox iso file extractxiso
How to create an Xbox iso file makexiso
Guide to making Multi Game Xbox DVD's multigame
SimpleX ISO guide simplex
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