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Debug Applications
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BanshInject GUIA GUI made for the Banshinject program, which was made by Kornkobjimmsta
CdriveThis file adds \\Device\\Harddisk0\\Partition2 (C: drive) support to the XDK
DebuggerClient/server package that will let you send send debug messages from your XBOX to your computer via TCP/IP.
EvoX Skin CreatorA Evox Skin maker that requires .NET framework. Includes spinning evox logo's and full
FdriveThis file adds \\Device\\Harddisk0\\Partition6 (F: drive) support to the XDK Launcher.
NodebugThis file reboots a debug xbox with debugging turned off.
PPFInfoThis will convert an ppf file to an txt file with all the offsets and the changesXBOX
Ram DelimitRemoves the 64mb limit flag that most apps/games have set. Useful if you upgraded your xbox to 128MB RAM. noptical
XDebug ServerThis package contains the components required to format and send debug string messages from an XBox application under development to a target
xend0rYou can configure it to connect to evox, send the neccesary xbe and files, and execute it once its finished.
xSwitchTurns off debug mode so complex 1.02 will even run certain retail games like halo (they don't work on complex1.02 due minor bug). It releases and renews the ip adress incase a network card has problems and the connection dies.

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AdamXEmulates Adam / Collecovison. Ported from AdamEm
AtariXLBoxEmulates Atari 800/5200/130/320/XL/XE. Comes with the full feature set as all the other XPort releases!
BlissIntellivision Emulator
Bochsx86 emulator. Runs DOS and some older games, and can be convinced to load windows 3.11 and 95 (very slowly).
CXBXA attempt in the works for a full xbox emulator on the pc.
Daedalus XA daedalus port to the xbox. Current version has no sound and small
DaphneXDaphne Laserdisc Arcade Emulatorkubik
DC64-xCommodore 64 Emulator.
DgenGreat Genesis/Mastersystem emulator.
DOSXBoxA 286/386 emulator for the xbox. Based on
DreamspecOpenXDK Spectrum emulator.. doesnt really work yet (no input)
ExtremeGBBuggy Gameboy/GBC emulator. Anon216.167.73.47/~emuxbox/extremegb.htm
FBAxNear perfect CPS2 emulator. Lantus/
FCE Ultra NES-xNES emulator
FMSXBoxMSX/MSX2/MSX2+ emulator
Frodo-XCommodore 64 emulator DragonZ, Lantus, and Flagg
GBAXGameboy Advance emulator
Gba_ch3Gameboy advance emulator Shinji Chiba
GensSega CD and 32X emulator. The later versions after v3 are known as
Gens-XSega CD and 32X emulator.
Gnuboy_xboxGameboy / Gameboy Color Emulator
HandyxAtari Lynx emulator
Hugo-XPC Engine / Turbo Grafix 16 emulator
Kaster-XSega Master System emulator
Kawa-XA port of the windows based emulator Kawaks. It allows to play titles from the Capcom CPS1, CPS2 and SNK NeoGeo library. Pretty much all games are supported, even these 90mb monsters that would normally not fit into the XBox's limited 64mb RAMMHz
KegsXKegsX is an Apple IIgs/e/c/+ emulator.
KoboXKoboX is a port of Kobo Deluxe for the XBox.
Koleko-xColeco emulator
MAME-XA Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
MAMEoXA Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator based upon superfr0's MAME-X
MirrorMagicXMirrorMagicX is a port of Mirror Magic for the XBox.
NeoGenesisA Sega Genesis/Megadrive/32X/SegaCD/MegaCD Emulator for XBox, It is the 2nd version of the Gens port
NeoPopXNeo Geo Pocket emulator
NesterxNES and SNES emulator.
pcsxboxA Playstation emulator that supports Memory Card manager, Save States, Cheat code searching, Gameshark cheat code database with codes for over 1700 games, Throttle/speed-up and MP3
PJ64-XA port of PJ64 to the xbox, mainly using Rice's opensource graphics plugin, and Zilmar's basic sound pluginAnonomous
SarienXA Sierra AGI interpreter engine that will play many of the old Sierra adventure games including Leisure Suit Larry 1, Kings Quest 1, 2 and 3 and others.
SC3xSega SC-1000/3000 emulator
ScummVMxA emulator for several classic point-and-click adventure games such as Monkey Island, Sam and Max, Full Throttle and Beneath a Steel
SMSplusSega Master System emulator
Snes9x-XRough Snes9x port.
StellaAtari 2600 emulator. Z26X was later ported by XPort, and is superior to
U64-XKiller instinct 1 and 2
UAE-XAmiga emulator
UltraXLEA port of the latest open source UltraHLEoDD
VBAxGameboy Advance emulator COMPLEX (original) and Hiraku (unofficial)
Vice20XVice20X is a Commodore VIC-20 emulator.
Vice64XA Commodore 64 emulator with all the features of the normal XPort
VicePETXVicePETX is a Commodore PET emulator.
WinstonXAtari ST emulator.
WonderSwanXA wonderswam
XBoyAdvanceA GBA/GBC/GB/SGB/SGB2 Emulator for XBox
XenesisA excellent port of Gens to the xboxCarcharius
XNESNES emulator Anonymous
XPCE-XA port of XPCE to the Xbox game console. XPCE is a PC-Engine emulator.
xSnes9xNear perfect port of Snes9x. Better than the PC version in many aspects.
z26A Atari 2600 emulator that plays supercharger games, and is more compatible than stellaXPort

Homebrew Games
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Baku Baku XA Baku Baku game written from scratchby
BallzyHomebrew game where you move a marble around a maze Author: Team N`Vision
BlasteroidsXYes, as the name fortell's, its a asteroids game...but more
Bubble Trouble SXOriginal game was for Mac, despite popular demand to port to windows the publisher denied, denied and denied...well now it really doesnt matter because i cloned the game and its almost exactly the same (despite a few differences, eg: useless powerups ignored)
CentipedeHomebrew port of Centipede
Connect4A remake of the game Connect4! for the
DoomXHomebrew port of the original doom.
DuckShootA game, that, is explained quite well in the title: Shooting
Duke3d XDuke Nukem 3d for Xbox.
InvaderXHomebrew clone of Invader
MineXweeperThe classic minesweeper game.
PacMan3DX3D pacman clone
PacmanXPacman clone
Quake2xExcellent Quake 2 port Repi
QuakeXThis is a port of SDLQuake for the
ROTTXRise of the Triad port
SensitiveXA remake of the commodore 64 game Sensitive. Jamie
StepManiaXStepManiaX is a StepMania port for XBox.
WormSA homebrew game similar to old snakes game
X-MarblesAddictive puzzle game. Code based around 'bubbles' game for pocket-pc. Mastermind
XBOMBERBOXInspired the Hudson-award-winning series Bomberman.
XpiredXPired is a port of X-Pired for the XBox
Xpong3d Pong game XL Productions
xRickA clone of Rick Dangerous - popular 1980's computer
XSokoban - KonbanwaXsokoban is a port of the PC game to the xbox. It is a strategy maze type gameFuiRiPpu

Xbox Applications
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007 TSOP Flash KitA kit prebuilt to helpfff you flash your tsop with the 007 exploit method. Based on linux and
Audio ExploitThere are serious bugs in the xbox song database file ST.DB. Using the supplied file in place can prepare your xbox to run any xbe after a combination of buttons in the audio part of the dashboard.Alex B
AvalaunchA dashboard replacement, with such features as a IRC client, file manager, ftp server, telnet, etc. TJ_CRS,Blazed, and
BigFontsA set of .xtf font files that are used as a exploit in order to run unsigned code. Based off Free-X's original 'Bert and Ernie' font file release.
Bo-XLinkA xbox tunneling program used in conjunction with the XLink Messenger. First Tunneling service created on the
Boot.From.Media.Bios.Collection-COMPLEXA release of various Bootable From Media bios's for use in conjunction with the Phoenix Bios Loader.COMPLEX
BoxplorerExcellent File management and ripping tool T'ulkas
CDX MenuThis is the cdx menu that comes with the newer xbox games to launch demo's, music, and trailersTheNut
CHIHIROXA Xbox dashboard replacement that has hikaru's various emulator ports included
COMPLEX !loaderA dashboard made to be used with various exploits. It patches the kernel on the fly, making it useful for people without a modchip.COMPLEX
Config MagicLock/Unlock Drives and manage your EEPROM with this useful tool Team
DVD X-MENUMenu creator to launch apps/games from a CD or DVD, similar to that of Microsoft.Hacked.MenuX.XBOX-COMPLEX. kenny_fr
DVD-XVersion 1 is an alternative to the Microsoft DVD Player and uses the remote. Version 2 does the same but without the remote. Team
dvd2xboxBased upon XBCopy, it includes such features as multiple dvd copies without reboot, patches media flag, and warning if over 42 charactersWiSo
EEPROM DumperDumps the contents of your Xbox EEPROM device to the TV screen. Dysfunction
EEPROM magic Allows you to Backup and Restore your XBOX EEPROM from a valid 256 EEPROM image file
EEPromer Dumps your current eeprom to a .bin file, and can use a .bin file to program your eeprom.
Eject and Close TrayTwo XBE"s whom purpose is to Eject and Close the tray when executedDgege
EurAsia Pro Generic Flash DiscProfessional flash disc based on raincoat 0.5. Zip file includes an .iso ready to burn on dvdr or cdrw. Use Nero (win) or cdrecord (unix) to burn and make sure the disc is finalized (fixated/session closed). Boot the disc in your xbox and when prompted, insert a dvdr or cdrw with your preferred xbox bios named bios.bin (lower case). Flash progress is displayed on
Evolution-X (dash)Excellent replacement dashboard and ftp server Team
Font ExploitUsing a buffer overflow, it allows any xbe to be executed from the
Gentoox StardustA Gentoox Linux installer for the Xbox. Put simply, its a highly automated system that will download and install Gentoox on your
Halo Cache EditorAllows to edit Halo maps directly on your XboxXBOX
libSDLxSimple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, 3D hardware via OpenGL, and 2D video framebuffer. It is used by MPEG playback software, emulators, and many popular games, including the award winning Linux port of "Civilization: Call To
LoaderConfigAllows you to create Evox menu items for loading different BFM BIOSes. Pass the path to the Phoenix loader and the name of the config file to use.NghtShd
MediaXMenuAlternative Dashboard with alot of features. BenJeremy
Microsoft.Hacked.MenuX.XBOX-COMPLEXUsed to create iso's with multiple games in one, with a menu to choose from. Originally made by microsoft for game demo's COMPLEX
MIKXBOXThis is a port of MikMod/MikWin 3.1.10 to XBOX for all the tracker music fans. It supports 18 different formats.PeteGabe
NexgenAn alternative dashboard.
Phoenix Bios LoaderBased off the linux XBE loader, when executed, this will load a bootable from media bios thats within its folder, on ANY retail/debug systemThe Phoenix Project
PX HD LoaderRipping tool used to extract games from dvd to the harddrive. Project-X
Shutdown_and_RebootXBEs that when run shutdown and reboot your system anonymous
Slayers Evox InstallerA Evolution-x installer pre-packaged with all the well known xbox applications. Has such functions as formatting harddrives, and setting up apps.Slayer
SuperDiscA Evolution-X installer disk similar to Slayers
TATX "AnyDash" pluginBoot Any Dashboard with TATX Debug Dual, specify any Disk/partition and .xbe to load in a file, works with Any Debug BIOS. Team
UnleashXA replacement dashboard for the xbox. Has Evox feel, with a mix of avalaunch/nexgen look. Includes all the basics, like FTP, auto search games and apps. Includes a built in filemanager.
Video Mode SelectLets you switch the xbox between PAL and NTSC. Some games have protection and will not display video when run on the "wrong" mode. Also, dvd videos aren't smooth when played in the wrong setting.. i.e. if a PAL user wants to play a NTSC dvd, he has to switch to ntsc to get smooth playback. Enigmah
X-PassA password protection utility for the xbox, that prevents a user from launchinge xbe's without
X-SelectorA dashboard and application selector for your Xbox. Features quick-pick menus, and selectable default dashboard. Includes password protection to prevent access (when not booting via the DVD drive)BenJermy
XBC-LinkA simple tool which lets you use XBConnect (another popular XBox tunnel application) on your XBox - rather like
XBCopyFirst xbox game extraction tool that went straight from the DVD drive to the hardrive. Flagg-
XBFileZillaA port of the FileZilla FTP server to the XBox console. It is intended to be used as a module in other XBox software.
XBftpFTP client
XBMSP4JavaThis is a Java xbmsp-server (for XboxMediaPlayer and XboxMediaCenter). The implementation follows XBMS 0.30.6 quite closely. The server requires JRE/JDK 1.4.x.
XBOX MEDIA CENTER (XBMC)XBMC is a media center for the xbox. It is based upon XBMP sources, and is a attempt to make itself more solid than
Xbox Media PlayerExcellent opensource media player capable of streaming video from your pc as well as running it from cd/hard drive. Authors: d7o3g4q, RUNTiME, and Frodo
Xbox-OSAlternative dashboard
Xbox_WatchSNMP clock updater Tser
XcommanderFile management tool Zhivago
Xdisca new front end tool for extract-xiso for all the Mac OS X users trackfive
XFlashThe first standalone flash program made for the xbox. Dysfunction
XMenu_XBox_Title_Launcher_Repack-WAMXMenu is an app that can be placed on your own CD/DVD compilations enabling you to launch one of several titles using your XBOX controller. WAM
XpadText editor Pagefault
xToolboxFile management tool Tritium
YAMPOpensource media player that later merged with Xbox Media Player

PC Applications
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5659 Dash Full NoXip Resign PatchThis Patch is only for XBDash Live 2.0.17e4cd00 (or named 5659). Will allow you to mod original xip's without having to resign your xboxdash.xbe. Adding xip's still need a resign but only once, after you can modify your freshly added xip's without resigning. Moreover this patch include no-reboot on XBDash (IGR still works)
AquaductA game server similar to xbconnect made for Mac OS X.
AseToXMwill convert a 3DMax exported ASE file to XM format and XM to ASE. Supports mesh and texturing.jimk
AVAxmlA XML file generator for AvalaunchA_Snowman
baMXMconfiga utility to help you modify the MXM.XML file that MXM uses to run. It will download the XML file from your XBox, parse it, and upload it back when you're done editing.jinx_removing
baRenameXA file renaming utility to make files Xbox legal. It has a variety of options to provide flexibility when naming files. Also has a preview window so that you can preview what files will be named based on the various user defined settings.jinx_removing
BatchFile MakerA concept release, to show one of the upcoming features that may be implemented in WinHME GUIjimmsta
Bios checkerBased on XFLASH source code of Dysfunction. Its purpose is to check which version bios you have.
Bios slicerCuts a 1MB bios into 256k. WiNNe
BioXX_FlasherMade to flash a BioXX aka open xbox modchip. LabMaster
bxStreamAn XNS Protocol server program that will you let share your media to your XBOX media playerWindragz
CartographerA halo map editor that supports editing of images, titles and
ccXStreamA XStream server made for windows and linux.
CDDISSECTThis tool dumps all data tracks on a CD to ISO files, dumps\ all audio tracks on a CD to MP3 files, and creates a cue sheet with all the proper filenames. Used mainly for HUGO PCE cd's.
CheapLPCCheapLPC is designed to pretend to be a slow LPC host so you can talk to LPC interface devices directly from your PC Printer port. This means you will be able to program LPC flashes, for
CloneXBA iso creation tool that utilizes the xbox's ftp server to grab the contents straight off the xbox dvd-rom, and is saved on your PC's harddrive.CloneXB
Copyhaunters XBEISO patcherA program that patches the xbe directly or from within a iso to change a media directory value that was altered in later xbox games. Copyhaunters
CraxtionCreate and Extract *true* XBOX Iso using GDFImage and XDFSextract. Craxtion has also implemented a MultiGame Wizard that simplifies the process of creating MultiGame Disc's.
CXBEConverts from Windows "EXE" format into the XBox "XBE" format. CXBE is already functional, and is being used as an integral part of the OpenXDK project.
dds2imgConverts dds files to other formats. dds is an image format used some xbox games like DOA and DOAXVB. NghtShd
DX-DexbeView/Edit XBE-Data and extract Code/Data Sections.
DX-DexipExtract files from *.xip files found on the XBOX HDD.
Easy Phoenix Bios LoaderDesigned to help the installation of xbox exploits. Current features are backup/restore original HD config, automated installation of choosen exploit, and
EEPMODEasily edit eeprom dumps so they can be reflashed to your eeprom (using a program such as eepromer on the xbox). Authors: superfro / Dextrose
Evo previewerA html based evolution-x configuration tool that has real time visualization. !DUR
EvoX configuratorA tool to help configure the evolutionx .ini file. JayZee
EvoX dashboard patcherThis tool will allow you patch your evolution-x to support a 7th partitionoz_paulb
Evox Skin DesignerA skin designer program used to make skins for evolution-x.
EvoX SkinnerA Windows program to aid you in editing the 'menu.ini' file used the Evolution-X program, as a alternative to editing it manually in a text editor.keiths
EvtoolA bios editor based on xbtool - for the evolutionx m8+
exmenuedOne of the First Evolution-x ini editors. has a built in ftp client to allow you to connect to your xbox to edit your evox ini in a friendly manner. Supports only first few versions of evolution-xkeiths
extract-xisoA XBOX iso extraction, and creation tool, that is fully optimized for the xbox iso format. All other iso creation tools reley upon Microsoft's GDFIMAGE tool, which was inefficiently written. Versions include a linux, mac osx and freebsdin
FanCboxWell, this program lets you get fancy with your bios... Change the color of the XBOX logo, remove animation, replace the error screen, etc..superfro /
Fast xbx2dds2imgXBX <-> DDS <-> IMG (Support .tga, .bmp, .gif, .ppm, .jpg, .tif)
Game Size EditorAllows you to edit the dat files from "XBOX Game Size" so you change, add & delete items from the listXBOX War3z
GdfimageA Microsoft made tool from the XDK that compiles folders/files into .iso format.
GreenProgGreenProg software is for use with the GreenProgrammer available at . It will program the SST49LF020, read back, and verify the contents of the
Halo Map PatcherThis program allows the user to make patches for Halo's maps. No need for third party apps the apply patches with, this makes the patch in EXE format. This allows users who dont have access to cache make patches for everyone. CLuis
Halo Map Tools(Formerly known as Halo Sound Tools) A tool that allow you to extract as well as inject over any existing sound data in a Halo Xbox map file. Also supports texture extraction/injection.MonoxideC
Halo Patch MakerA utility to make ppf files to apply on halo CLuis
Halo XBE HackerA editing program that allows you to change some of the text strings in HaloCLuis
Halo XBox Weapon EditorHalo xbox weapon editor is a program to simplify the editing much of the data stored in the weapon structuretjc's
Hard-Drive PasswordA safe Macintosh hard drive utility to UNLOCK a security-locked ATA-IDE hard drive when the hard drive MASTER password is known (For MAC)
HCE CustomizerA skin maker for HCE, Halo Cache Editor by XBOX_War3z . Supports All features supported in the skinCLuis & raz0r
Hdd DriverLets you access files on the Xbox hard drive from windows. You can copy from it and to it through a windows GUI. T00GG
Hdd PassA linux compiled app used to generate xbox harddrive passwords. SpeedBump
Hdd PrepareUsed to zero a harddrive in preperation to put it into your xbox. Ziki
Hdd UnlockA set of tools which enable you to create a boot disc that allows you to lock/unlock a xbox HD on your pc through dos. Imh0
HexbeAn application that easily allows you to change up to 39 textures in "xboxdash.xbe" directly over ftp in just a couple of clicksXtech & Vulgusprofanum
HT EditorA file viewer, editor and analyzer for text, binary,
Image to xbxDesigned to create title.xbx files from images to use with such programs like nexgen. Team
ISO ReaderUsed to read, extract, and preview files from the xbox iso format. ector^mdl^dxm
IsoMakerUsed to create a xbox iso image based upon microsoft's gdfimage.
ISOX CreatorUsed to create a xbox iso image. HyperG, sd00, and Chossy
JaxstreamerStream server for linux. It works well with xbmp 2.2. LIM
Live 2.0 XboxDash-Hacked-tHcA Hack of the Microsoft 2.0 live dashboard. Includes Color changes and added menu
LiveinfoA very usefull all around tool for editing configurations in your xbox. Edit Serial, Mac, OnlineKey, HDDKey, XBERegion, Confounder, Video Mode and DVDZone, convert EEPROM images between V1.0 and V1.1, view HDD Password of attached IDE Drive and much more. Team
LOGO-XThis program allows you to change logos, such as the 'microsoft' text upon boot. logo-x made buy superfro, GUI GreenGian
Mac OS X Box ToolsA GUI interface for the Mac OSX version of extract-xisoEl_Oy
Map ModifierA Halo Map ModifierCLuis
mcpx1.1 ToolkitThe latest way of hacking a bios, factoring the RSA key inside the intro flashfranz
Media X Project CreatorA configuration tool used to help create .xml files for Medix X Menu (MXM). headstrong
Mega X-KeyA program used to transfer saves between the xbox and/or their product, the mega x-key, which is a usb based memory card alternative with up to 32mb capacity.
milkMilk is a command-line application that controls Milksop, CheapLPC, Filtror and Jektor Jtag
MP3 FAT-X RenamerA Win32 application (coded in Delphi) which allow you to transfer (and synchronize) your MP3 collection from your computer to the Xbox's build-in hard
Mp3ImageTagExtractorThis utility is ideal for building thumbnails of album art suitable for use with the XBOX Media
MXM SkinnerA WYSIWYG (almost) program, done in VB to make skins for MediaXMenugeniusalz
Mxm Xml EditorA MediaXmenu xml editor program. TotalEcl
Myx-liteExtremely stripped-down version of Myxomatosis for a very basic XML auto-directory menu authoring solution for Media X Menu .9m or laterStrongBad
MyxomatosisA Complete XML menu authoring solution for Media X Menu .9m or later StrongBad
namechangerA windows based program that has a built in ftp client that allows you to connect to your xbox and change the boxes name.
New HD EvoXA installer that sets up evolution-x on new harddrives. Auto formats it, and installs apps and MS dashboard as long as you include it on the cd. GreenGian
Nexgen RemoteControl the features of neXgen through your pc.
neXgen-eration RemoteA nexgen 'installer' and configuration tool used through nexgen/evolution-x's ftp server.
OpenGLXMviewerAn XM viewer based off Voltaics extracted xm files. It will display the xm mesh using OpenGL instead of D3D.jimk
OpenXDKA opensource project made to replace the microsoft xbox development kit.Project admin: caustik(Aaron Robinson) All developers: caustik(Aaron Robinson), dreamspec(Bigboy), ector, fma(Martinez Fabrice), hartec(Dextrose), Lantus, pricetfa(Price), siliconice(Dan Johnson -Project Manager), superfro
Operation ProjectxA brute force operation to find the private key to sign XBOX xbe files.
OzXFlashFirst 'legal' flasher. Used on a cd to flash the OzX chip. OzX
OZXMemoryStick ExplorerA tool for loading and saving FATX Images onto USB memory Sticks and USB memory devices for use in the X-Box Console for transferring and saving Save Games, Music and
ParcheadorPatches XBE's with the XDK to make it run on retail modded xbox's.
pixitpixit is a PC utility to manipulate Xbox Archive files (XIP)Voltaic
PreXBoxCopyToolA tool used to renamed files and directories using configurable intelligence, to optimize for fatx partitioning. Very good for renaming ROM's. AceHack @ Project BombRock
Progressive PatcherPatches xbe to make the app/game/DVD compatible with progressive scan displays. Only info availble about who made it is "The friend of Jerbil2k"
QuixThis is a excellent iso utility. Has double optimization, burst mode transfers, game manager...and too much else to list.
QwixQwix is a new Xbox and ISO management tool for the Windows platform. Connection manager makes it easy to keep settings specific to different Xboxes or dashboards. Offers alot of management and useful features in combination with Avalaunch dashboard. Also allows extremely fast filetransfers between PC and Xbox.Team
Relax serverStream server program that will let share your media to XBMP for viewing.
ScgenA linux shell script that will generate xbmp .sc files of the top 20 Shoutcast streams. echto
sfd2mpgA tool written to utilize a few other tools that work in conjunction to convert sfd files into mpg format. XB0X_Mod
SHOUTcastPlsDownloaderThis Utility navigates the excellent web site and downloads to a local directory a copy of the PLS files referenced on the websiteSanjay
ShoutCocoaThis MacOS X program Fetches the HTML from a given "">"-URL and then generates XBoxMediaPlayer ".sc" files for all contained shoutcast stream playlists.
ShoutScraperCreates a XP/Win2k/NT service which runs in the background and periodically scrapes the shoutcast site, creating .sc files, tbn's and genre folders in a root folder accessible either RelaX or some other streaming server. konfoo
SimpleX ISO v0.2aA easy to use xbox iso creator/extractor program. XoXoX
Skin Your EvoxA evox skinner. M4uR1g10
Soundtrack EditorEdit your XBOX Soundtrack from your PC. Add/Remove/Rename soundtrack and music track with this program.
SparkEditSparkedit is a mapviewer for xbox halo. It was created to give modders insight into how the maps were constructed by the original developers. At the moment you can't edit anything, just look. It's possible to preview cachefile mods that change
UK TV GrabberA Windows application that grabs a UK TV listings from the web to a file that can be used by XBMP's TV-Guide. It supports all UK channels and includes a logo pack for those that prefer the logo's instead of
UnlockXAn all in one program for your hard drive. This Program is based on source code from Martin Gerdes, an editor of the german "c't" magazine.Now will Lock your hard drive or unlock and disable passwords all in one program !! 2) Will backup your password to a file and will not over-write it 3) Password backup file is time stamped. 4) No need to use atapwd.exe to view drive status.You can see at a glance if your drive is locked or unlocked. 5) Now you only have to enter your password one time. Requirements 1) UnLockX.exe must be run in pure DOS Mode,No windows dos box. 2) Drive must be on the primary IDE channel ( Master Or Slave)mruell
UnXiPBased on Voltaic's PIXIT sources, it is simply a XiP extraction utility.MaTiAz
Wep-Editora program allowing you to change much of the data stored in the weapon structure (or metadata) for Halo. It gives you control over almost every aspect of the
WinHME GUIA halo map editor
WinLPCProgram made to flash the matrix. Originally based upon the Milksop code.
WxStreamStreamer software used in conjunction with XBMP. Ziki
X X X ISOA easy to use xbox iso creation tool based on GDFimage. VB6 Runtimes required.Bob McGee
X-Link MessengerA Xbox tunneling software similar to the popular
Xap editorA XAP file editor, that will also import xaps directly from XIP filesjimk
XB-NewsA excellent RSS reading program for xbox news with a few sites to select from
XbCapture GUIXbCapture is a utility to take screen shots from your xbox utilizing the XDK z3r0
xbe finderA tool that uses the xbox ftp server to connect and find xbe's.
XBE RenamerXBE Renamer is a program which can modify the default Title Names for XBE's. Bleze
XBE ToolThis tool can print out info on xbox XBE files as well as helping todisassemble them dumping them to a binary file, creating an idc fileand also converting to an exe file.
xbedumpWas written by [email protected] from xbox linux, and was based upon the original XBE Dumper by Michael Steil. It has been ported to windows in usage with signing xbe's for the 007 gamesave trick, aswell as the dashboard font exploit. Michael Steil,
XBEMIDPA patcher to change a media directory value that was altered in later xbox games. L!M!T
xbepackThe first publicly available packer and crypter for XBOX executable files.
XBEpatchPatches a .xbe file built for a dev XBOX to work on a retail XBOX. BLueMnky
XBFTPHelperA batch file that gives your computer a temporary private IP address for FTPing to your Xbox, and reassigns a DHCP address after your FTP session has ended.raygun
XBINS-TIRCThis is a IRC client based on MIRC to automate the process of using xbins. {Ghost}
xbisoAn iso extraction utillity for xdvdfs images for linux.
XBMP ConfigerA XML configuration file editorflattspott
XBMP ToolKitA AppleScript Studio Front-End for various *NIX binaries and config files. It was built to handle your media for use with the Xbox Media Player. --rx--
XBMP.Config.HelperA tool to help you configure xbox media player. Authors: HyperG, sd00, and ChossyHyperG, sd00, and Chossy
XBMPedA configuration tool used to help edit your XBMP .xml file.
XBMSA unix streaming server for xbox media player.
XBMSA gui for the xbox media server. Current systems supported is OSX and FreeBSD-rx-
Xbox Backup ToolkitA Native OS X Gui/util that allows you to backup your original retail game and FTP to PC, and then ISO. trackfive
Xbox DumperLinux application that allows files on an xbox hard disk to be dumped out. Andrew de Quincey
Xbox Game SizeA reference tool that gives you various info on gamesXB0X_Mod
Xbox HID DriverA driver that enables the Xbox USB gamepad, DVD remote, and other Xbox devices on Mac OS
XBOX ISOA xbox iso creator program based on Microsofts gdfimage tool.
XBOX Name ChangerAllows you to change your XBOX's name.
Xbox Saves ManagerUses EvolutionX's ftp server to get at your game saves. Supports multiple connections to transfer between xbox's.
XboxASMWas the first step in a project to create xbe's without the use of the XDK.
xboxdash dvd region free patchA MS Dashboard Dvd Region Free Patchslyver
XboxDash-HackedA patching program that allows you to alter certian elements of your original live enabled microsoft dashboard.JbOnE,
XboxIfya tool which scans a directory on your (local) hard disk and changes the names of all files and directories so that the files can be copied to the Xbox without any problems.
XboxIsoToolTool used to create xbox iso's without the use of gdfimage.
XBThingyAn easy way to keep all your games and apps spread across multiple drives or directories cleanly organized.
XBtoolA bios editor based on the idea of superfro's fanCbox. Does such things as change the color of the xbox logo upon boot, remove animation, change boot partition etc..
XBtool Color BIOS Preset MakerWith this little utility you can now finally SEE what your color mods will look like without having to blindly go through the pain of flashing just to see if it looks
XB_ADPCMA codec that allows you to play and encode xbox ADPCM content on your pc. Released anonymous
XConfiguratorAllows you to open Avalaunch Xml configuration file and reads all config parameters from it. Full Avalaunch Config file object
XCoverA skin editor for use with evolution-x skins.
XCtrlA XBox controller hid driver, to use the xbox controller on a computer.
XDash UtilitiesPreviously known as WinXAP, A program to build menus and submenus in the original xboxdashboard.Xtech
XDFSextractWill print out the contents of a XDFS formated iSO file in a format. IPS & Team PS2Ownz
XDFSreaderView and extract files from the xbox iso format (XDFS). dc_squirelly
xdumpXBOX Bios dumper. Saves your BIOS and EEPROM to harddisc.
Xecuter2 BIOS ManagerCreate and Manage ALL known bios's with full bios programming functions. Team
XeonA XBOX emulator for windows. It currently only supports one commercial game (halo), still in early development._SF_
XgamerA xbox game refernce utility that shows various statistics about the selected xbox game. Includes a browser that directs to for game refernces aswell.ArMaGeDdOn
XGManA simple ftp client that will view only 2 directories, your local hd's game root directory, and your xbox hd's game root directory.
XID MinidriverA PC driver for the XBOX controller. Mr
xISOA xbox iso extraction and creation tool.
xISO xFERA iso extraction utility that can load and extract a iso directly to the xbox via ftp. L!M!
XisoManagerA xbox iso extraction tool. XcalibEr
XITA Xbox ISO creation/extraction utility based off the sources of xISO xFERAndrew
XMconverterXm converter was created to convert many xm files at oncejimk
XMONDrag any files onto the app and set the destination path, the app will then watch for date stamp changes and send on change-=StuAngel=-
XMPatcherA windows based media fix patch utilityXcalibEr
XMreaderXMreader will allow you to read what an XM file has(face count, verts,coord, ect..).jimk
XmViewerA program to view XMV files.Voltaic
XnscastA Shoutcast/Icecast stream relayer for use with XBMP. Authors: Tusse/nonSenseTusse/nonSense
XNSPlsEditXNSPlsEdit was created to make .sc files for RelaX/XBMP from exisiting SHOUTCast .pls files. AK_Sniper
XPR ExtractExtracts DDS files from a XPR
XSaveSigCalculates and displays the
XSavSigCalculates and displays the "signature" for XBox game save data based on a
XSkinXSkin allows you to easily create skin.ini files for use with your Xbox console running EvolutionX Beta 1.8.2594 or later. Osiris
XstreamXStream Network is an installable service for Windows computers running Microsoft's .NET Framework. It will enable your XBOX to connect to your PC across a LAN and stream movies live. sYNDICATE
xtender scramblerScrambles/Descrambles the xtender bios. TOSHi
ZXBToolsCreate multigames menu disk using the MenuX of a simple and fast form. It allows the use of themes (send, download, manage) and to copy the games to the root directory of the DVD, since some games only works if they are in the root directory of the

Linux Distributions & Applicationss
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dyne:bolicA GNU/Linux distribution simply running from a CD, without the need to install anything, able to recognize most of your devices and periferals: sound, video, TV, network cards and
Ed's Xbox Debian GNU/LinuxEd's Debian is a full Debian-based Linux distribution which contains the latest features of Xbox Linux development.
Ed'x XebianThis is the title for the previously named Ed's Debian.
GentooXA port of Gentoo for the xbox.
HaloMapExpanderHME is a Halo map editing tool for win32 and
SlothboxSlothbox is a Linux distribution based on Slackware, targeted at the
Xbox FreevoFreevo (don't mix up with Free-Evox!) is a multimedia shell around Mplayer or Xine. It is very easyly customisable using plugins. It is written in
Xbox Linux Live SystemA Linux system that does not install on hard disk and supports plugins.
Xbox Linux Mandrake 9.0An Xbox port of the Mandrake Linux 9.0 distribution. It is the same as a standard 1-CD installation of Mandrake 9 and fully compatible with it.

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COMPLEXCOMPLEX has released numerous original MS bios's, including retail and debug.COMPLEX
CromwellMost Current Version: 2.27 (beta). The only linux bios availible. Used to boot the various distributions availible for the xbox. For futher info you must read check out the latest
Dominion-XMost current version: 0902. Based on the Evolution-X D6 bios, this features the latest media flag patching support, with > 137GB supportDominion-X
Enigmah-XMost Current Version: RIP. Extracted from the first generation modchip
Evolution-XMost Current Version: M7. The Crew that brought you the first bios and dashboard release. Current features are: HD Replace, no patch hack, macrovision removed, eject trick and auto media
OzXBiosMost Current Version: 2.12. OzXBios (Cromwell) is a customized version of the Cromwell bios for distribution with the OzXChip modchip, it has been changed to incorporate a modchip flashing feature that requires a CD with BIOS.BIN to be inserted in the XBox's DVD-Rom drive. Once a CD is inserted into the drive the bios looks for a BIOS.BIN file and if it is found it will flash this onto the modchip (provided it has flash support in the bios for the modchip type), if the BIOS.BIN file is not found (or is the wrong size) the bios will attempt to boot Linux off the CD.OzXChip & Team
PandoraMost Current Version: RIP. Part of the second generation of modchips, this bios was ripped off a Pandora chip. Based on (xtender / enigmah ?) code. Supports Macrovision off, no patch hack, and eject
Team-AssemblyMust Current Version: Dual Debug. This bios, based off COMPLEX's 1.03 Debug bios release, supports both 1.0 and 1.1 debug xbox'
Xecuter2Most Current Version: 4983.xx. Features include IGR, no patch hack 1/2, Macrovision off, debug, eject trick, eject fix, HD Replacement, xbox live blocking, clock error checking, and no dvd rom check. | 4979.xx supports launching of embedded xbe's. It was released with a ftp server built in.Team
XtenderMost Current Version: 1.3. The first TSOP replacement bios ripped, it supports No Macrovision(only on 1.1), no patch hack(only on 1.1) and eject trick(only on 1.0)
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