libSDLx V1.2 - Xbox Release V0.10



- Released DirectSound before cleaning up soundbuffer.
- Fixed crash when calling SDL_SYS_CDStatus()
- Fixed another controller bug (Thanks Alden)
- Removed remounting of CD image each time SDL_SYS_CDGetTOC() is called.
- Optimized CDDA streaming to use less CPU.


- Fixed bug with multiple controllers.
- Fixed a graphics bug which could case a crash.
- Cleaned up controller code.


- Added 800x600, 400x300, 512x384 screenmodes.
- Fixed bug when no keyboard is plugged in or no 
  key on the keyboard has been pressed, it is receiving 
  continual SDL_KEYDOWN events where the key is SDLK_UNKNOWN.
- Added fix for texel alignment bug. (Thanks Gatsu)
- Included sourcecode for SDL_TTF and SDL_Image. Precompiled
  libs are available at the usual places.


- Added Vorbis/OGG support.
- Fixed some bugs with Audio handler.
- Fixed lots of small bugs which caused problems or worse,
  crashes. Thanks to XPORT for finding most of these.
- Fixed Y-Axis inverted issue.
- Fixed Joystick routines to support all gamepads.
- Fixed Joystick Hat issues.


- Added the following Xbox Specific Calls (thanks Guybrush):

  SDL_XBOX_SetScreenPosition(float x, float y);
  SDL_XBOX_GetScreenPosition(float *x, float *y);
  SDL_XBOX_SetScreenStretch(float xs, float ys);
  SDL_XBOX_GetScreenStretch(float *xs, float *ys);
- Fixed mapping to SDLK_RETURN (thanks DZ)
- Fixed mapping to SDLK_EQUALS (thanks XPORT)
- Fixed crash when multiple controllers added
- Fixed some misc bugs in the gamepad handler


- Fixed SDL_SYS_CDQuit() crash.
- Fixed SDL_Quit() crash.
- Modified graphics vertex buffers to be TV friendly.
- Fixed memory leak in SDL_xboxaudio.c


- Fixed SDL_JOYHATMOTION reset problem.


- Fixed CDDA memory leak.
- Fixed CDDA routines. Should be 100% now
- Fixed mouse click problem.
- Forgot to add SDL_syscond.c - Fixed (doh!)


- Fixed Axis problem on gamepad
- Added Axis 2 and 3 for Right Analog Stick
- Added Buttons 8-12 for non analog buttons.
- Fixed SDL_Flip() issue.


- Initial Release

- SDL and SDLMixer have been combined into one lib

- MP3 support is not built into pre-compiled libs. You will need to define
  MP3_MUSIC and recompile libSDLx.
- if your SDL application uses MP3 support, you need to link libSMPEGx.lib
  in your target application. (For some reason trying to link libSMPEGx.lib 
  in the libSDLx project causes INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR).

- SDL encapsulates Xbox API functionality. For example video routines create
  its own DirectX device, sound creates is own DSound device etc. So trying to
  mix xbapp.cpp etc and SDLx is bad news. The whole point of SDL is to provide 
  a nice interface and portable code across platforms.
Any problems with the lib contact me or discuss your issues on my SDLx forum

I wont bother reading issues about how to compile code etc.