XboX HD Maker V1.4
Following up on requests from users this release support
F-drive and adds an automatic softmod package installer
to provide an easy to use package for people without a 
memcard or any of the exploitable games.

Changes/addition :

- The xboxhd tool now supports the extended F-drive in two
  ways :
  1) When building an xbox HDD from scratch the tool will
     examine if the drive is larger than 8Gb and offer the
     option to build the F-drive in the first step of this
     two-step procedure. In the second stop the user has
     the option to format the F-partition.
  2) A seperate option/menu has been added 4)
     This will build the F-drive on an existing xbox HDD 
     if the drive is large enough.

- The user now has a 'softmod' command available. This 
  tool requires that the user has downloaded the official
  softpack from 'the usual places' and extracted this to 
  the xboxhdm/linux directory before making and burning the
  xboxhdm iso. See the readme from the softpack for more info.

  This softmod package requires the 4920 dashboard so do not
  try to install it other dashboard versions (though no damage
  will be done if attempted). Do however not use this softmod
  package if you kernel is NOT BELOW 5530.

  The softmod command will let you install :
  1) The NO-CD new stable audio hack.
  2) The Mech-fonts 
     The "Xbox Live" tab will be renamed to PBL
     and will load the Phoenix Bios Loader when pressed.
  3) Phoenix Bios Loader v 1.4.1 with support for Focus chip.
     Only bios included is the 4981.67_ef bios. Include
     more bioses (E:\pbl\Bioses) if you need. 
  4) Evox v. 3935.
     Ip              =
     Subnetmask      =
     Defaultgateway  =
  5) Install a font patched copy of your MS dashboard (xtf -> bak)
     in C:\ called msdash.xbe to be run from Evox when using 
     the font hack. It has been tested only on the 4920 
     dashboard from Slayers Evox, but should work on all 4920