SmartXX 3311 Version

- Added Special EEprom Repair/Diagnosis Functions
- HDTV Progressive / Interleaced Modes
- Fixed Web-Flashing problem with some Webbrowsers (specially IE 6.x ... Thx. MS)
- Added HotKeys on Startup (Main Menu, 
  Both Triggers + Y -> PAL / NTSC Switching
  Both Triggers + X -> Progressive / Interleaced Switch

We know, lots of people are waiting for the Renaming of the Bioses through Webbroswer.
Due to my 30'th birthday + a 3 day drunken period :-) , and the appearance of the 1.6 box, 
i was not able to test this feature 100%.(But it will come the next revision, i promise)
by SmartXX Team