XboX HD Maker V1.3
No new functionalities added, but a few bugfixes, important enough
to deserve an update.

Changes/addition :

- Previously used code for generating HDD passwords had a bug
  in the code decrypting the eeprom data. I replaced it with
  a slightly modified/adapted version of the xbox_tool code 
  from xbox-linux (Again, thanks guys for making this tool).
  For "problematic" eeproms that presented troubles for xboxhdm
  V1.2, I now get matching passwords with LiveInfo.
- When building xbox drives, all files and directories in the
  E-folder on the CDROM are now copied to the HDD. This is useful
  if people want more on E than the TDATA and UDATA 
  folders :blink:blink:
- When using xbrowser the file-permissions are now set correctly
  for the xbox to handle files added this way.

  Thanks to all users for reporting bugs and providing valuable