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- I fixed the "bug" for directrories
- The game button config is now saved by game too (you'll just have to go to controller option while playing (I added this option in the same time)). 
- The new options (turbo, overclock,...) are now displayed correctly without having to activate/desactivate them.
- Add of neogeo macros (A+B,...) 
- new sort by name roms
- fix for ini that changed name


- save of selected bios fixed !! (now, even in universe bios mode, all parameters (mode/region) are saved, even after a reboot!) 
- Add of "system 16" (Be warned it is only on early stage, so there is no sound and some commands are not working) 
- Possibility to choose 4 different paths for roms (no more mixing!!!)
- Add of 2001 drivers, with the accord of FBA Team. 


Whatsnew ?...

-mix with the latest source of FBA PC version, cheats in unibios now work in AES mode. 
-save of settings in the ini folder of Fbaxxx.
-possibility to choose the differents menus order and to display them or not, and even to return to original version (no menus) 
-possibility to overclock neo-geo processor (12 to 18Mhz), it is better in kof97 or metal slug. 
-delete of the cube. 
-removed in rom list menu (no reason to be there).
-no crc and no size (works randomly byt the way).
-possibility to activate the turbo mode (like kawaxx, right stick to right).
-new interface with 4 menus (cps1-2,neogeo,others) and moved text to fit on TV screen, the fast scroll command is now on left stick. 
-Warning message when launching rom. 
-new skins. 
-fix CPS1 sound (sound in ghouls,... and cps1 game lagging after launching a cps2 game). 
-auto reset when setting dipswitches.
-fix for slow sound in PAL50 mode (but the game is always slow). 
-possibility to boot only on universe bios (rename unibios to uni-bios.rom)
-fix for "adjust screen", it is now like kawaxxx
-save of button config by mode (cps1-2, neogeo or other)