///// tHc LITE////////////////////

Welcome to tHc LITE, the latest instalment of the hit dashboard series!
The purpose of LITE is to provide an easy-to-use, and brilliant looking dashboard with which you can make your xbox the most stylish thing in the room! Being the only
third party xbox dash to have a 3d user interface, professionally-made architecture and coding, combined with amazingly talented peoples editing, adding  and improvents
of original features, tHc has functions beyond what can be expected from other dashboards.

What is tHc?
tHc is effectively an edited and improved version of the xbox's default msdash using the original .xbe and xip structure. This means the dashboard was made by professionals with a large budget from the biggest software corporation in the world. It looks fantastic because of this (and because of others hard work).

There are draw backs. At present there can be NO FTP usage due to us needing the source and a way in which to recompile it and there can also be no non-native forms of media such as WMV files.
However, the advantages, we believe, greatly out weigh the disadvantages. What other dash plays dvd's!?

Whats new in tHc LITE?
Whats not new!?
**Short Intro
**Massivly improved music-managment system
**Config.xbx file for easy editing from PC and/or xpad etc.
**Easy-to-use new skinning system
**full dvd-remote compatability
**New 3d elements on orb
**"Dulling-out" load
**No need for shutdown and reboot .xbe's!
**Completely re-written xaps
**No crashing!!!
**Music CP avaliable through all sub-sections
**Clock merged into music CP
**Improved sub-menus system
**Less "floating"
//////General Help///////////////////////////////////

Just open in Notepad / Wordpad and edit - straight foward really. For step-by-step help, see www.xboxdash.net/readme.html

Send thclite.xbe over to your xbox (can be named anything) along with the "media" folder and config.xbx over to the root of your C:/ Drive
Boot up the .xbe and you're done :-)

Quick Launches
For those new to tHc, these allow you to instantly boot a program the second you turn on your xbox with a simple button combination using the L and R triggers.
You can asign a quick launch to any of the four main buttons on your controller (A, B, X and Y) through the config.xbx
EG: you set quicklaunch-A to boot dvd2xbox

\\L\ + \\R\ + (A) from the main screen will instantly launch dvd2xbox - simple eh?

Music Manager
Pressing (X) on any of the dashboard menus brings up your music CP. From here you can do several things effecting the currently played music.
**Holding down \\R\ allows you to adjust the volume (default=100)
**Pressing (X) causes the soundtrack menu to drop down.
**Pressing (Y) causes the playlist menu to drop down
**While you've got these both down, you can edit your playlists. Select "create new playist" to name one, open it up, and select soundtracks you want from the soundtrack menu on the left. To add a song, press the WHITE button, to remove one from the playlist, press BLACK

Applying a skin
Skinning has been made incredably easy in LITE. In the "media" folder, you'll see the default skin.xip. To change your skin, you can simply overwrite it with a new skin xip.
If the new skin requires a different colour scheme, open up hexbe or the next release bmp-to-xip and patch your xbe with the xbp file the skin comes with.
 easy as hell!? yes.

Making a skin
A skin is also very easy to make. Using BMP's you must make images for the following things, though it is possible to simply use an already existing one from the "default skin pack".
- AudioPlayerBG.bmp
- dvdstop.bmp
- dvdstopw.bmp
- dvd_button.bmp
- DVD_paneltex.bmp
- GameHilite_01.bmp
- harddrivebg.bmp
- outline.bmp
- xbox4.bmp
- xboxlogo.bmp
- xboxlogo128.bmp
- xboxlogo64.bmp
- xboxlogow.bmp
- ffw.bmp
- play.bmp
- random.bmp
- repeat.bmp
- rew.bmp
- stop.bmp
- continuous.bmp
- background.bmp
- cellwall.bmp

You can however, leave out cellwall.bmp and background.bmp if your skin dosn't require them.
Now open up BMP2XIP (avaliable for download from www.xboxdash.net) and select the directory your bmps are in. once its put them all in an xip - bung it onto xbox, and then to AllXboxSkins.com!

Good luck and enjoy the dash!

/////CREDITS AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS////////////////////

by Gcue (and Jb0nE)

by Discworld, IceUK and AMD

by Rec_ and [dc]

Gcue says:
///////thanks to everyone who has developed for and helped tHc. Thanks to Jb0nE, BobMcGee, Viper-7., Voltaic, Discworld, IceUK and  the beta testers!//////////////////

Words of wisdom:
"Stop trying to get quotes of me you big poof" <- IceUK
"What do you call a dinosour with hemroids?" "Mega-sore-ass! <- The ancient fabled Joke Book of Babalon
"live long and prosper"  <- Some race off star trek who I can't remember :-(
"if you're ever wondering whether the ftp's are down, they are." <- Funny person on #xboxdash who I can't remember :-(