xSEX - Xbox Soundbank EXtractor

xSEX is a little tool for opening the soundbanks
and wavebanks (*.xsb and *.xwb) used in the Xbox

The soundbank have a corresponding wavebank,
where the actual samples are stored.

xSEX opens a soundbank (*.xsb) and retrieves the
sample names from it. These are the names of the
samples that is located in the wavebank (*.xwb).
xSEX then presents the names of the samples, the
size of the samples, the name of the wavebank
where the samples are stored and the location
(offset) in the wavebank where the sample starts.

So, you need a soundbank and the wavebank that is
related to it.

I haven't been able to figure out where the 
information regarding the wave files are stored,
things like mono or stereo, bitdepth or samplerate.
You need to fiddle around with the xSEX settings
until you hear that the sound plays okey.

When you have a 'good' sample, hit SAVE and xSEX
saves the wavefile, just like you heard it play.

A little rundown on how to work this tool:

* Find a soundbank and the wavebank related to it.
  If you are unsure of which wavebank relates to the
  soundbank, just take all soundbanks and wavebanks
  and open the soundbanks in xSEX. The soundbanks
  and wavebanks often reside in the same directory
  so it shouldn't be too hard.

* Open it up in xSEX (doh!)

* Select a sample from the list.

* Press play. The sample will be generated in RAM
  and played from RAM. If it sounds like shite,
  try fiddling with MONO/STEREO, 8/16-bit and
  samplerate and press play again. It will be
  generated every time PLAY is pressed.

* When you hear the sample as you think it is played,
  hit SAVE and save it.

That's about it.

Bugs surely exist, especially when the soundbank
have several wavebanks linked to itself.
It does work, however, with soundbanks that is
linked to one (1) wavebank.

Greetings goes to Devenic (jjsmithers), jmel,
the Avalaunch crew, the Evolution-X crew,
the Xecuter crew, the XBMC/XBMP crew, all old
TEX members, Xbox-Scene regulars and to the
SmartXX crew for making a great chip.
And of course, to all my friends.

If you have further information of the *.xsb
or *.xwb file format, don't hesitate to contact me.

([email protected])