Team Xecuter Presents

FlashBIOS (Based on Linux Cromwell v2.27 Dev)
27th October 2003

FlashBIOS (Cromwell) is a customized version of the Cromwell bios for distribution with the Xecuter2 modchip, 
it has been changed to incorporate a modchip flashing feature that requires a CD with BIOS.BIN to be inserted 
in the XBOX's DVD-ROM drive. Once a CD is inserted into the drive the bios looks for a BIOS.BIN file and if it 
is found it will flash this onto the modchip (provided it has flash support in the bios for the modchip type).

We have also inclued an erase / programming progress bar for you to monitor the success of the flashing.

v2.27 Update

Fixed many bugs due to the bios hanging
Fixed overheating issues
Faster flashing process
Works on v1.0 to v1.5 (no video as yet on v1.4+)


The use of FlashBIOS (Cromwell) to flash your modchip is entirely your responsibility, any misuse of the 
flashing feature could result in your console being left inoperable and will require your modchip to be flashed 
with an external programmer.

The flashing feature of FlashBIOS (Cromwell) has been tested with all the devices listed below.
Please read all instructions fully before attempting to use this feature.

- The bios supports the following flash roms  

	0x01 0xd5 AMD - Am29F080B (XECUTER2)
	0x04 0xd5 FUJITSU - MBM29F080A
	0xad 0xd5 Hynix - HY29F080
	0x20 0xf1 ST - M29F080A 
	0x89 0xA6 Sharp - LHF08CH1
	0xbf 0x61 SST - 49LF020 (Cheapmods)

 How to use FlashBIOS

Step 1 - Creating the Bios CD

- Ensure that the bios file you wish to use of an appropriate size for your modchip.
  (eg. Cheapmods require a 256k bios file and Xecuter 2 requires a 1Mb file.)

- Make a copy of the bios file you wish to use and rename this copy to BIOS.BIN (use Capitals)

- Select a CD or DVD media compatible with your XBox's DVD-Rom.
  (Most CDRW will work and most DVD-R will work. If you have a Samsung Drive then some CD-R will work)

- Burn the BIOS.BIN file onto a CD - ise Latest version of xISO for this (v1.1.5)
  (For Nero select the following settings, No Multisession, ISO Level 1, Format Mode 1, ISO 9660,        
  Deselect Joliet, Finalize CD, Disc-At-Once)

-  You should add a dummy file to the CD to ensure it is read properly by the XBOX. We have enclosed
   a dummy file creator with this release & also a 500MB dummy file.

Step 2 - Flashing with FlashBIOS (Cromwell)

- Turn your XBox console ON, when the DVD-Rom tray ejects please insert your BIOS.BIN CD and close the   

- When the flashing procedure is complete the XBox will shut down.

- If your modchip is write protected or the programming fails you will be informed by error messages on   
  screen (It will say Unknown Flash! Halting)

 Trouble shooting

If you get no video on screen and your tray ejects you have a v1.4 or v1.5 console. No video is supported 
yet. Simply insert your update CD and wait for the XBOX to power down.

If you get FRAG (Flashing Red And Green) The mod is not installed correctly or the BIOS is not flashed correctly

If you get Bios not ound you have burned the CD incorrectly or your DVD ROM does not like your media.

If you get Unknown Flash! Halting the chip is write protected. Remove the jumper / disable the switch.
If disabling the switch still doesnt work - simple power up to flashbios with the switch plugged in 
then unplug the entire switch from the Xecuter 2.1 / 2.2 and try the disc again.

 More Information

Our message forums are at


XBOX Linux Team for Cromwell which FlashBIOS is based on