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				10th April 2003

 Release Info

19 updates & many hours of coding later, HoRnEyDvL, GreenGiant & NghtShd have 
came out with a new release, Xbox Image Converter 3.0 (formerly known as 
Image To Xbx Converter.)

This new release includes many new features! 

  * Convert an image to a .xbx file - to replace the icons in either the M$
     memory section, or in the neXgen Dashboard.

    - To replace these the icons, either place ur newly made .xbx file into the
      appropriate directory in e:\udata using our newly improved ftp client, 
      which now identifies which folder relates to which game (based on a
      limited database, a future release will alow u to expand on this  
      database. Until then you can edit the database with Access) 

  * Convert an image to a .tbn file - for use as thumbnails for XBMP

    - simply place the .tbn file into the same folder as program, file or 
      folder it relates to. load xbmp, and these thumbs will be cached. You can
      then delete your .tbn

  * Brand spankin new feature, convert a .xbx file to a jpeg

    - Feel like editing an existing .xbx file? Want one of those game icons
      for some other use? Never fear, just choose the JPG option and convert
      any .xbx file (with a few exceptions) to a normal picture format.

And there you go. Program usage is pretty straight forward. To convert to xbx, 
choose xbx, to convert to tbn, choose tbn, and to convert an xbx to jpg, choose
jpg. Then choose the file, put a filename and folder name, and hit convert.

To ftp the file to your xbox, hit the ftp client button.


Message Forum: http://www.ozxchip.com/forum/forum.asp?FORUM_ID=33
IRC Channel: #image2xbx or #ozxchip on EFNet


By using the Image To XBX Converter software you agree that HoRnEyDvL, OzXChip their affiliates, agents and/or representative are not responsible for any damages, data loss or use/misuse of this software.


Coded by HoRnEyDvL, GreenGiant & NghtShd

Thanks goes to: The Mad Maragan (The_Mad_M), OzShadow, Volure, [IC]Jokk, MomDad, KanadaKid and the guys at  www.xbox-saves.com and www.xbox-emulation.co.uk 


V3.0 - Added XBX Preview support
     - Added XBox Media Player Thumbnail (TBN) support
     - Changed Application title
     - E:\UDATA folder database within FTP Client
V2.0 - Added FTP Client into application
     - Project sponsored by OzXChip
V1.0 - Original Release of Image to XBX Converter

Proudly Sponsored by OzXChip (http://www.ozxchip.com)