DaphneX V0.60 Beta 4/14/03
by Kubik

This distribution should not be packaged with mpegs or rom files. These are
the responsibility of the user. I do not sanction these packages. 

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs. I have tried to address as many of them
as possible in addition to my own to do list. Please see Version History at
bottom of the page for info on this release. This is a maintenance release.
I cleaned up enough stuff that I decided to be nice and let you have what I
fixed this evening. I probably won't post another version til the weekend now.

For general help on DaphneX, please visit the website below. Most everything
from the PC applies to the Xbox version also.  


EvolutionX can cause DaphneX to lockup with IGR enabled. Please turn off
IGR in evox.ini before running DaphneX.


Game supported in this release:

Dragon's Lair, Lair 1.1, and Lair 2.0 (100%)
Space Ace, and Space Ace Enhanced (100%)
Astron Belt (Hitachi & Pioneer) (100%)
Galaxy Ranger (100%)
Star Blazer (not working)
Cobra Command (Astron Belt hardware)
Cliff Hanger + Alternate (100%)
Super Don Quixote (100%)
Bega's Battle (working with some issues)


Recommended Resolutions for Dragons Lair and Space Ace are 640x480, however
720x480 should also work. This is mainly to support DVD-VIDEO mpeg rips. 
Games with overlays should be generally be 512x480. See the Daphne website
for valid resolutions. Resolutions of 720x480 should be considered the
maximum for DaphneX. 

I highly recommend a single mpeg as the seeking will be faster and the general
gameplay experience will be better. Also the DVD-ROM mpegs are not very good
quality and have interlacing issues. Keep this in mind, since Daphne can only
display as good as the source.

Supply .m2v, .ogg, .dat files for the game you with to play. If you have a PC 
version of Daphne, you are in luck as you can use your same mpeg/ogg/dat files.
You will also need to supply the ROM images for the games. For help creating mpegs
to use with DaphneX, please visit the Daphne website (http://www.daphne-emu.com)


NOTE: The PC allowed you to use whatever framefile you wanted.. I dont have
a file selector on the XBOX, so you must use the following convention for
framefile filenames...

Dragon's Lair (& alternates)  - lair.txt
Space Ace (& alternates)      - ace.txt
Astron Belt (& alternates)    - astron.txt
Galaxy Ranger		      - galaxy.txt
Star Blazer		      - blazer.txt
Cobra Command (all vers)      - cobra.txt
Cliff Hanger + Alt	      - cliff.txt
Super Don Quixote	      - superdon.txt
Bega's Battle		      - bega.txt

Mpegs should also go in a directory following the same convention.



roms\lair	- Dragon's Lair F2
roms\dle11	- Dragon's Lair Enhanced 1.1
roms\dle20	- Dragon's Lair Enhanced 2.0
roms\ace	- Space Ace
roms\sae	- Space Ace Enhanced
roms\astron	- Astron Belt
roms\astronp	- Astron Belt (Pioneer)
roms\blazer	- Star Blazer
roms\cobraab 	- Cobra Command (astron belt hardware)
roms\cliff	- Cliff Hanger
roms\cliffalt	- Cliff Hanger (alternate)
roms\sdq 	- Super Don Quixote
roms\sdqshort	- Super Don Quixote (short scenes)
roms\bega	- Bega's Battle

If you do not follow this directory system, the game will not work. 

**** You will need to change the first line of the framefiles to the following ****


Dragon's Lair

.\mpeg\lair	- make sure your file location looks *EXACTLY* like this with the game name
		- replacing lair (ace, etc) for other games.

Copy the tree over to your xbox hard drive. Run DaphneX. Assuming you have the 
files needed, the game should start up. If something is wrong an error message
should appear.


See in game help.. This may change with new versions.


*NOTE* - This has *NOT* been tested on Disc Media such as DVD-R, or CD-RW. 
It may work, it may not. Keep this in mind before you burn a Disc please.


Please send bug reports and comments to [email protected]
Please do not ask where to get roms, mpegs etc. It will be ignored.


No screenshots on menu yet.
Cobra Command (Astron Belt Hardware) dipswitches not hooked up
No support for Software Corner or PAL as yet. If it works already then great!
Horrible pic for Cobra Command Marquee.. If you know of a marquee pic, let me know.
Zipped Romfiles are not supported yet.
Bega's Battle dips not 100%. Emulation hangs on Game Over.
Menu sfx suck.

Version History:

V0.60 -  Fixed audio crackling on attract mode with no audio.
	 Hopefully fixed random no audio on game startup.
	 Fixed issue with cpu's not being closed down properly causing a
		crash if you try to start Bega more than once.
	 Fixed joypads on Astron Belt, Cobra Command, Bega etc.
	 'Game Issues' screen hooked up.

V0.50 -  Return to menu and play a new game works now.
	 Added version control to options.bin file. Autodeletes if not correct version.
	 Adjusted scroll speed on menu.
	 Added Credits/Build num screen.
	 Added Controller Help Screen.
	 New games added, see list.
	 Fixed bug with blank skips & searches causing random lockups.
	 Revised readme.txt.
V0.20 -  Framefile parser improved.
	 Multiple mpegs now work (DVD-VIDEO rips).
	 Parsing mpegs should work now, and has a progress display (not finished).
	 Changed to 720x480 video mode to support DVD-VIDEO mpegs.
	 Blanks on skips and searches enabled.
 	 Revised readme.txt

V0.11 -  CGI overlays working (Astron Belt). 
	 Fixed rendering bug,should run even smoother now.
	 Preliminary support for returning to menu from game (BACK + START).
	 Revised readme.txt
V0.1 -   First release. Games supported Dragon's Lair/Space Ace.
	 Astron Belt running without CGI.

Coming Soon:

Fixes to Bega dips.
New Games: Interstellar, Thayers Quest, Esh's Aurunmilla, Badlands
New Menu Sfx.
ROM Zipfile support.
Stretch mode for 512x480 games to fill screen area.
Screenshots in Menu.
Enable/Disable games in menu.