readme.txt for Xbox ISO Extractor v1.0 for MacOS X

Hello everyone, this is in and I am pleased to announce the release of Xbox ISO
Extractor, a GUI front-end for my extract-xiso tool.  This program was written
by Emil Arfvidsson of Sweden <[email protected]> and is a fantastic and very
welcome addition to my Terminal-based tool.  I have received many emails from
MacOS X users who are not familiar with the Terminal who wonder, "How do I use

Now, thanks to Emil, you don't have to wonder any more!  Simply double-click on
the Xbox ISO Extractor app and choose from listing the contents of the ISO,
extracting to the local filesystem, or extracting directly to your Xbox over
FTP.  Easy!

I would also like to point out that this is Emil's first GUI development
project, which makes this release that much more impressive.  If you find this
tool useful please send a note of thanks to him at [email protected] and take the
opportunity to welcome him to the MacOS Xbox developer community.  Our tools are
getting better all the time!

April 25, 2003