Halo Cache Editor v0.2
[email protected] (always email me for suggestions ;)

How To Use:
If you have PAL Halo, leave region.cfg
For NTSC remove region.cfg or put NTSC in it
Default Halo path is F:\Games\Halo\default.xbe
Otherwise make file halo.cfg is same folder and use this content
this will start Halo from E:\Games\Halo\default.xbe
then upload all files/folder (Media, Maps folder)
Start program, left bottom will show region if this is wrong press BACK and select correct REGION (yellow is selected one)
If no cache files were found it will start Halo automaticly
Otherwise press white to select cache file
All NTSC sp/mp maps are included, for PAL only bloodgulch is supported yet
Select the Projectile you want to change by using DPAD to move to it, press A
The color will change into green, go to new projectile, press A again
Right colum will show your new choosen projectile
Press Y to save cache, A to continue
Then press START to run Halo and use your modified maps :D
Halo can have max 3 mp maps and you can all change them :)

What's New:
+ Scrolling is fixed
+ Fixed code
- Removed debugging stuff (oops :p)

Coming Next:
+ Switch vehicles with Flag Base
+ More pages
+ much much more

First of all thx to PfhorSlayer for his hme tool, without him nothing would be possible.
Then thx to BOLL for his nice NTSC outputs.
Thx to Kennelbound for all his sp-mp bin files.
Thx to Valdek for the vehicle stuff in mp.
Thx to everyone in #halo.
Thx to everyone who helped me coding