libSDLx V1.2 - Xbox Release V0.01

This is a Xbox port of SDL. More information can be located
at or for
the Xbox version.


- SDL and SDLMixer have been combined into one lib

- No Vorbis/OGG support (yet) - do people want this?

- if your SDL application uses MP3 support, you need to link libSMPEGx.lib
  in your target application. (For some reason trying to link libSMPEGx.lib 
  in the libSDLx project causes INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR).

- SDL encapsulates Xbox API functionality. For example video routines create
  its own DirectX device, sound creates is own DSound device etc. So trying to
  mix xbapp.cpp etc and SDLx is bad news. The whole point of SDL is to provide 
  a nice interface and portable code across platforms.

- Remember if you decide to port an existing SDL app/game/demo/emulator
  you must provide source code as per GPL.
Any problems with the lib contact me or discuss your issues on my SDLx forum

I wont bother reading issues about how to compile code etc.

Finally if anyone has knowledge in setting up CVS to host the source contact me.