Xrandom evox skin thing. v.01


What's It Do?

It changes your Evox Skin to a random one installed.

How's it do it?

By running before Evox with some simple File manipulation.
Gets random skins by reading c:\Skin and looking at directory names.

How's I install it?

Rename your evox executable (normally exoxdash.xbe) to exov.xbe and keep it in C:
Rename xrandom.xbe to evoxdash.xbe (OR WHATEVER LOADS FIRST FROM YOUR BIOS).


Haven't ran into any yet....  Probably are some.... 
Try at your own risk.
Adds 1-2 seconds more load time.

Anything to stress?

This is how it works.

Bios->xrandom renamed to something that loads first -> evox.xbe

Any other way of running it?

Yup...   You can just run xrandom.xbe from anywhere on the harddrive (or dvd for that matter)
but it will try to run evox.xbe on C:.   SO make sure you copy your evox to evox.xbe before
trying this way.

Any improvements yet to be made?

Yea, gonna make a fancy xml file for config (Hehe, more like a simple one line text file).
Maybe make something appear on the screen, but probably not.  I did not make this to gloat.

Why ya make it?

Wanted random, still use evox, don't care to discuss.

Where to contact me.

Xbox-scene forums. TieDyedGuy.

Thanks to...

Everyone.  I love you.


Basic layout.  All static assignments.