Pirates of the Carribean +5 Trainer

Patch contains:

Godmode: Black button
Gold +10000: Dpad up
Shotgun: Dpad left
Reputation Neutral: White button
Skill points: Dpad Right

1. Unzip all files into a directory
2. Copy your init_xbox.c and seadogs.c from the Pirates DVD/Hard Drive into the same directory
   you extracted this archive.  You'll find them in your gamedir/programs/controls and gamedir/programs
   directories, respectively.
3. Run the RUN_ME.BAT
4. Copy both of the .c files back into your Pirates dir to burn to DVD or hard drive to play,
   if it asks to overwrite say YES!

If you've previously played this game, you'll need to delete the cache files that are somewhere on the X, Y or
Z drive.  Just look for the folders programs/, modules, and resource/ and delete them on X, Y or Z drives.  If
you don't have them on one of those 3 drives, don't worry.  DO NOT DELETE them from your actual game
installation.  Once you've done this the game will be able to replace them with the newly modified files.    :)

If your file system does not support filenames longer than 8 letters long (ie. fat16) then
you'll probably have to modify the .bat file slightly to look for something like init_xb~1.c
instead of init_xbox.c on the first line.  And you'll need to rename it when you upload it back.
Any recent computer should be fine.



nfo and bat file by romracer