PCSX has arrived, quick port by @lifajucejo I sneaked it into the current nightlies.

Its officially supported, but don't annoy me with beetle-psx!
Best Settings:
Settings->Drivers Audio = switch_thread (if your havent already, then Exit RA and start again!!)
Settings->Audio->Audio latency = 150
Make sure Video threaded is on!

To get 60 in more demanding Titles, go Quick Menu->Options frameskip = 1
This will make it a bit choppy, but audio is clear! Just play around!
Alternatively: Disabling dithering does a lot

Currently you should save this Config with "VSYNC: ON", because else you get crazy fuzz in Handheld (even on the menu).
A workaround right now is starting the core with VSYNC on, then TURN IT OFF while its running for performance!
The fuzz doesnt go away if you started the Core with VSYNC off.

The stable builds have been updated to Support this core!