Aurora v0.4b

Happy Holidays everyone,
This next update brings some more requested features that we hope you enjoy and get some good use.  Below, we've outlined the additions, changes, deletions, and bug fixes.  Take a look and leave a comment. 
Theme Settings - 

In the view menu, we've added a new section for theme settings.  Here you can change your cover layout, you can select and preview backgrounds, and you can turn on or off the background animation setting.  To add new backgrounds to your theme menu, you simply save them into your Aurora:\Backgrounds\ folder.  Currently, we support BMP, PNG, DDS, JPG, DIB, HDR, PFM, and PPM image formats.  For optimal use, please use an image that has a resolution of 1280x720.  Smaller and larger images are supported; however, they are scaled and may compromise load times.

Skin Settings - 

Also in the view menu, we've added a section for skin settings.  You will have the ability to select new user created skins, you will have the ability to turn on/off the "Idle" status text and you will have the ability to select an alternate splash screen.  The alternate splash screen is a skin dependent feature.  In Aurora, the alternate splash screen is a darker version of the default.  Other skins may offer different alternates.

Launch DVD - 

In the system dialog (pressing Back on main menu) we have added a Launch DVD button.  This button will allow you to launch whatever game (or movie) is in your DVD drive.  This will not download artwork or allow you to manage title updates.  That type of functionality will come in the future.

Title Update Scanning - 

Based on community feedback, we've opted to change up the TU scanning process.  In Aurora 0.3b, we attempted to solve a serious issue that came up when scanning Title Updates.  For those of you who don't know, prior to Aurora 0.3b, the title update scan and backup happened in the background.  If a game was launched or the console was turned off while a title update was being copied, then the copy would be corrupt and the title update would not work.  This became a bigger problem as Title Updates became much larger (Alien Isolation anyone?) as the copy would take even longer, increasing the chance of an interrupted backup.  To solve this problem in Aurora 0.3b, we forced the title update scan to occur during the splash screen.  However, the draw back that comes with that is the longer boot times, which many people didn't like.  
The solution we implemented in Aurora 0.4b is to scan Title Updates the first time you boot Aurora 0.4b, and then allow the user to decide when the next scan happens.  Provided you only use the built in Title Update Manager from within Aurora, then you won't have to scan for title updates again.  However, if you manually copy them to your drive, or download them from another dash (like FSD), then you will need to scan again.  We have implemented a Scan Now button in settings to allow you to rescan for new title updates in that case.  For those of you who were okay with the AutoScan happening at boot, we've added a setting to allow that to happen every time.  Lastly, we added a Clear All button which essentially will scan through all of your /Cache/ and /Content/ folders and remove any title updates it finds.

Changes -

Added LB/RB tab icons to the FileManager and Title Update Manager to help make that more clear
Updated skin.xml and added skin.meta to skin files to support the new Skin Selection settings
Added alternate skin splash screen option in default skin
Reconfigured the Filter & Sorts scene and made updates to the game list happen immediately
Created a new dynamic list module that allows us to save a ton of XUI processing power
Added screenshot activator and trigger button selection prompts to allow configuration
Fixed an issue where you could move the game list while the Progress UI was displayed
Fixed an issue where freezing could occur when viewing achievements scene (and a couple other scenes)
Added the ability to launch LibXenon ELF files from within the File Manager
Added Launch DVD button to System dialog with drive detection to enable/disable button as necesssary
Moved CoverLayout selection into a popup list
Moved Sort Order selection into a popup list
Fixed an issue where screenshot combo would not be disabled if no network cable was inserted at boot
Removed filename restrictions in filemanager - allowing special characters to be used
Added ability to add or remove letterbox mode when on 4:3 screens without having to manually modify database
Aurora will now turn on XHTTP in dash launch while Aurora is running.  When aurora exits, it will revert it to whatever setting you had it at previously.

Supported Languages -
The following is a list of translations available in this release.  If you have a language that is not already completed that you would like to translate for us, please contact Swizzy.

English  - Default Language
German - Translated by Nachtgarm
French - Translated by Nord Sud Team
Spanish - Translated by Gromber
Italian - Translated by MatteIta
Portuguese - Translated by SpkLeader
Polish - Translated by Przemyslaw Kolodziejczyk
Swedish - Translated by Swizzy
Turkish - Translated by Bomlife
Dutch - Translated by Mattie
Simplified Chinese - Translated by Zesty
Traditional Chinese - Translated by Zesty
Russian - Translated by Cosmaty
Korean - Translated by -zard-

Future Updates -

As usual we have a quite a few more features we are planning to implement as we continue to push Aurora forward.  We are continuously checking the forums for all your requests and ideas, so keep them coming!

Thanks for helping us test our new dash replacement and look forward to bringing even more functionality in the future.
Special thanks goes to SpkLeader, Swizzy, Trajik, cOz, JPizzle, Blackwolf and Biohazard for their behind the scenes involvement and assistance in testing and preparing this package

Please post bugs in the support forum.
Or check out #RealModScene on Efnet for support
Current Versions:
0.4b r900 Binaries
0.4b r900 Skin
3.0b r801 Freestyle Plugin