File Manager - 
We've added a multi tab filemanager so you can do your basic file ops without having to leave Aurora. It also has inteligent file parsing to identify some of the files and folders that are usually hard to find.

Trainer Loading - 
We've been working closely with the XYZ Project developers in making a framework for Trainers which will load with games, this framework makes it very easy for other developers to build new trainers which can be loaded directly with Aurora!  Trainers can be saved in two locations:  (1) They can be saved in the game folder (next to the default.xex or CON file) in a folder called "Trainers" or (2) They can be saved in the aurora folder in a folder called "Trainers/<TITLEID>".  For example   "Aurora/Trainers/41508C3/trainer.xex"

Check out the compatible trainers at	

Single File Language Packs - 
It is now possible to change languages without setting the consoles language in MS Dash. Additionally you can now add translations that are not supported by MS Dash as well.  For additional languages and support, please post here -


Improved the way Aurora boots; opening the game list into a loaded coverflow
Large game databases now work as intended
Fixed cover view camera corruption when camera is in something other than the default state.
Trailers no longer need to be downloaded, they're now streamed directly from! (They can still be downloaded if you like your local copies)
Added ability to launch games from FTP
Added dash launch version information to debug.log output
Added skinnable notification popup with color coded icons.
Fixed the hide backups filter
Added support for removing D3D Letterbox mode by changing setting manually in database
Added more loading output during splash screen for clarity.
Added ability to change games while in the game details window by pressing LT and RT.
Updated Developer, Publisher and Genre subtitle scripts to display "Not Available" when no text is present
Added focus memory when in certain scenes meaning your last focus won't jump around unpredictably
Updated TU Management to support TUs for XNA Title Launcher
Updated TU Manager to not always copy TU if it is already copied- increasing game boot times with larger TUs
Added processing status to status bar for clarity

Supported Languages:
The following is a list of translations available in this release.  If you have a language that is not already completed that you would like to translate for us, please contact Swizzy.
English  - Default Language
German - Translated by Nachtgarm
French - Translated by Nordsudteam
Spanish - Translated by Gromber
Italian - Translated by MatteIta
Portuguese - Translated by SpkLeader
Polish - Translated by Przemyslaw Kolodziejczyk
Swedish - Translated by Swizzy
Turkish - Translated by Bomlife
Dutch - Translated by Mattie
Simplified Chinese - Translated by Zesty
Traditional Chinese - Translated by Zesty
Future Updates
We have a few more features on our planning to make Aurora even more complete and as always we keep checking the forums for all your requests and ideas, so keep them coming!

Thanks for helping us test our new dash replacement and look forward to bringing even more functionality in the future.
Special thanks goes to SpkLeader, Swizzy, Trajik, cOz, Jpizzle, Blackwolf and Biohazard for their behind the scenes involvement and assistance in testing and preparing this package

Please post bugs in the support forum -
Or check out #RealModScene on Efnet for support
Current Versions:
0.3b r830 Binaries
0.3b r830 Skin
3.0b r801 Freestyle Plugin

Note:  This update is available via the Auto Updater in Aurora.  For the update to succeed you must be on at least version 0.1a.1.  You can find that download here -