Aurora 0.2b Is Here!
We have put a lot of work into this release.  While the primary goal was to continue to fill out the game details scene with the disabled items, we did manage to include a few new options and changes that hopefully you all will find useful.
Below, We've outlined the additions, changes, deletions, and fixes.  Take a look and please enjoy!
New Scenes:

DLC Browser - This scene will allow you to browse your DLC for your retail games and delete DLC if desired.  Additionally, if you browse DLC for any titles that are under the ScriptData = "Emulators" it will display a list of roms for that emulator.  There are going to be some assumptions in the this first iterations of the the ROM Browser, such as your roms being in a subfolder called "Roms" in the particular title's folder.  We've also added the ability to set launch data for ROMs- this means you can press (A) on a ROM and it'll launch the emulator with launch data set-  it'll be up to the emulator authors to support direct loading ROMS from there.

Saved Game Browser  - This scene will allow you to browse your Saved Games and delete them if desired.  Not much more to do at this point, but is at least a little bit of management in that area.

Preview - This scene will allow you to browse through the screenshots downloaded during the Content Scan process.  It will also allow you to play the trailer that was downloaded, if available.   Note:  To play all trailers you will need the Optional Media Update. Go here for installation directions. 

Achievements - This scene will allow you to browse through the achievements that the signed in profile has unlocked.  Secret achievement description can be revealed at the push of a button.  Not much else to do, but a good way to check your progress in a game.

Synopsis - When the game description is longer than the viewable space in the game details scene a new button will show up to the bottom right of the synopsis to allow you to open a viewer of the synopsis.  This will allow you to scroll through and read all of the details.

Overscan  - This scene will allow users to adjust their overscan from within the dash without having to modify the database.


Unity Username and Unity Password will change from profile specific to system specific.  ( You will have to reset this up after booting for the first time)
Addition of a "Updates are Available" notification at boot of Aurora, if new updates are available (can be disabled by modifying database)
Support accents and special chars in Unity Username field (and other text fields)
Fixed rendering bugs that can occur with custom Coverflow layouts
Fixed TUs not saving to USBMU and consequently not applying correctly
Added wallpaper shader.  This is basically a configurable Pixel shader that allows you to warp and animate the background ( there are still issues with it when using it in conjunction with overscan- these will be resolved in a future release )
Fixed bug in FTP Server that kept you from browsing to the Game: folder has been fixed
Reversed the TiltLeft and TiltRight motions in some coverflow layouts
Added new subtitle LUA script to give show achievement information in the Game Details
Fixed issue with Downloading status not showing the proper queue size
Fixed issue where XNA game titles were receiving 'FULL TITLE' in the title name
Fixed formatting issue with FTP 'FEAT' command causing it to not work properly with some FTP clients
Added FTP 'SITE' commands: STORAGEINFO, DRIVEBYTESFREE, RESTART, REBOOT, SHUTDOWN, MEMORYINFO.  Use command 'HELP SITE' for description and usage information
Added support for OnBoardMU for corona systems- not sure how we missed this originally
Added Flock by Phoenix coverflow layout
Added Lazy Stacks by Swizzy coverflow layout
Added Spiral Stack by Swizzy coverflow layout
Fixed UTF8 encoding issues in multiple places
Changed the way custom user filters were stored allowing users to more easily share scripts.  Created same method to share scripts for sort scripts and subtitle scripts as well
Added ability to view game background while in the game details scene by pressing the Back Button
Fixed issue where DLC would get scanned during the TU scan at boot.
Fixed other minor skin glitches and logic bugs

Supported Languages

The following is a list of translations available in this next release.  If you have a language that is supported and not already completed that you would like to translate for us, please contact Swizzy on these forums.
English  - Default Language
German - Translated by Dr.Gonzo
French - Translated by Nordsudteam
Spanish - Translated by Gromber
Italian - Translated by MatteIta
Portuguese - Translated by SpkLeader
Polish - Translated by Przemyslaw Kolodziejczyk
Russian - Translated by Cosmaty
Swedish - Translated by Swizzy
Turkish - Translated by Saywaking
Dutch - Translated by Mattie

Future Updates

There is still a lot we would like to do with this dash and this most recent update has proven to us that our foundation is strong.  In the future we want to bring you more functionality to further solidify its place as the definitive dash alternate for the Xbox 360.  We are working on things like a file manager, quick view options, title specific settings, and more-  stay tuned and enjoy!

Thanks for helping us test our new dash replacement and look forward to bringing even more functionality in the future.
Special thanks goes to SpkLeader, Swizzy, Trajik, coz, Jpizzle, Blackwolf and Biohazard for their behind the scenes involvement and assistance in testing and preparing this package

Please post bugs in the support forum.
Or check out #RealModScene on Efnet for support
Current Versions:

0.2b r697 Binaries
0.2b r697 Skin
3.0b r801 Freestyle Plugin