XBOX One External Storage Device Converter
Version 1.1
Angerwound - [email protected]
Lander - @Landaire

 - Ability for creation of new storage devices allowing people without the June System Preview update to make use of external storage!
 - Ability for USB 2.0 drives to be used with the console.
 - Capability to create and utilize multiple partitions on a single drive for use with the XBOX One.

This application will make a hard drive used for XBOX One External Storage (released in the June System Update); recognizable to a PC for read/write of the data.
It will also allow you the ability to create an XBOX One External Storage device right from the application. This allows people without the June Preview Update to utilize External Storage capabilities in the latest Public System Update.

This application requires Administrator privileges on execution otherwise it may state "No storage devices found".

Usage: (Enable read/write of XBOX One External Storage Device)
1) Plug in your XBOX One external storage device into your PC after it has been formatted for use on your console.
2) Open the application and choose "SCAN". 
3) Your device should be listed. Right click and choose "Enable PC Mode".
4) Choose scan again; and you should see that your device is now in PC Mode.
5) Disconnect/Reconnect your drive and Windows should now mount the drive allowing you to read/write the files stored by the console. You could also do a refresh in Disk Management instead of disconnect/reconnect.

When you are ready to return the device to your console:
1) Open the application and do a scan.
2) Choose your device, right click and "Enable XBOX Mode". 
**This needs to be done before your console will recognize the drive. If you forget to do this; your console will ask to reformat it (losing all your data).

Usage: (Create a new XBOX One External Storage Device)
1) Plug in a USB 3.0 enabled Disk Drive into your PC.
2) Format the drive so that it is visible to your PC in a logical drive format (NTFS, FAT, etc).
3) Choose "Create XBOX Drive".
4) Select the drive.
5) Continue through the warnings.
6) Drive should show up in the list.
7) Plug your drive into your XBOX One console and enjoy External Storage capabilities. (Preview update or not!)

Usage: (Create a new XBOX One External Storage Device With Multiple Partitions)
1) Plugin a USB 3.0 enabled Disk Drive into your PC.
2) Using Disk Management in windows; create multiple NTFS partitions of varying sizes on the drive.
3) Open the application and choose SCAN.
4) Choose the drive you partitioned appropriately.
5) Right click and "Enable XBOX Mode"
6) Plug drive into XBOX One. The console will see multiple drives/partitions for use with storage.

This application scans and makes modifications to the MBR of the drive. I take no responsibility for any damage done to the device or loss of data caused by utilizing this application. 
This has been tested on only a handful of drives; so there could be issues. Use at your own risk.

 - If you do not have the June Preview Update you can still utilize external storage capabilities. Your console will recognize the device and use it for storage if you are out of space on your internal drive.
However, you will not have the capabilities to transfer files from Internal -> External and vice versa that the June update provides until it is released to the public.

 - USB 2.0 devices can also be utilized but will not be recognized straight away. In an odd workaround; if you plugin a USB 3.0 enabled XBOX One External Drive into your console; and then plugin a USB 2.0 enabled one - the console will utilize the USB 2.0 drive.