Overview: This release will allow for any console running the latest version of 
FreeStyleDash 3.0b rev775 or higher to remotely launch games.  iPad version will 
follow after a couple of weeks.  The reason for this is to ensure that any bugs 
found by users are from code and not related to the device being an iPad.  Please 
read below for a full set of installation instructions.

Requirements:  A jailbroken device on iOS 6.0 or higher with AppSync installed.

1) Use any method available to install the ipa file (I used iFunBox).
2) Launch the FS3 Mobile icon that appears.
3) Select “More” and then “Settings”.
4) Enter the IP address of the console.
5) The default username and password for FreeStyleDash is “f3http”.
6) Ensure that the console is on and FreeStyleDash is currently running.
7) Navigate to one of the sections such as “360” and pull down to refresh.
8) Select a game to launch.

Optional: At this point the user may select another game to play or return to the 
home screen and select the FreeStyleDash logo to return to FreeStyleDash on the console.

Reporting Bugs:
Please report bugs found to #FreeStyleDash on EFNet.