This is the updated version of Arcadian Tactics. I have included many of the suggestions that people made in the thread related to Arcadian Tactics v1.0. The main modification is that this new version has 5 different difficulty levels, so if you think that the original version is too hard (it is, indeed!) now you can try to play this new version with a different challenge level.

1.1 Change Log

* Difficulty levels: Extreme, Hard, Normal, Easy, Beginner (the original Arcadian Tactics only had the "Extreme" level)
* Auto-save feature
* Unlockable characters now scroll properly in the selection screen.
* Help about controls is displayed during combat (you can hide it with white button)
* You can quit the game to the dashboard, pressing simmultaneously the black and white buttons, during the Title screen or during a combat (it does not work in the rest of the screens yet)
* There is a new song (AVGN based) before the final battle.
* The title screen is not skipped when quiting a game
* Corrected some sprites: Dhalsim, King-Arthur, Chunli, Pigman, Arthur...
* Now the unlockable characters are a bit stronger than previous version (when you select them as initial characters)
* The weaker foes are a bit stronger now (soldier, helmetman, swordman, von-bubba...)
* The Undead Slayer ability is a bit more powerfull now
* Fixed the bug that prevented to save/load games in level 21 (the worm boss)
* Fixed some small memory leaks
* Now the screens of "Stats" and "Join Character" have a background picture.
* You can exit from the "Stats" screens pressing 'B' or 'SELECT'
* There was a lag in the cutscenes (after pressing 'A' to skip them). This lag has been fixed.
* Fixed a bug related to coward characters in the final battle.
* Better audio management

IMPORTANT: Read below!

If you want to keep the saved games of Arcadian Tactics v1.0, you must overwrite the folder of the old game with this new one (do not delete anything of the old game, simply overwrite the files with the new version). With this method you will keep the games that you saved in the slots 2, 3, 4 and 5.

There is still a problem, because you will loose the game saved in the slot #1 (this slot is used in this version for the auto-saving feature). If this is very important for you and you want to keep the game saved in the slot #1, do the following: BEFORE updating to Arcadian Tactics v1.1, play to the old version, load the game in the slot #1, and save it in another different slot (#5 for example). Now you can upgrade to the new version, as the saved game in the other slots will be kept.

There are two suggestions that I did not include in this version: on the one hand, people asked for a game with a unique theme. This is good, but as the main concept of Arcadian Tactics is the variety of characters, I prefer to keep this original idea, and I will create another different game (with the same game engine) with only one theme (I am thinking about a zombie-based one). On the other hand, I have not included the suggestion of over-lining the selected character to make it easier to see it. This is a very good idea, but it will consume a lot of time for me to do it, so I prefer to release this version now (including every other suggestion) and leave that change for a future release.