Shortcut360 README.txt
Q.	What is it?
A.	IMO a better version of QuickBoot!

Q.	Why?!?, when QuickBoot works fine!
A.	Yes it works fine, but...

	1.	No achievement data shows up in MS dashboard when using QuickBoot.
	2.	On the new MS dashboard, pressing A on a game to get the info..
		it will show you the icon of the first QuickBoot shortcut you have,
		which is wrong.
Q.	OK!, i can live without achievement data, what else can it do?
A.	The following...

	1.	Launch GOD titles.
	2.	Launch XBLA titles.
	3.	Fetch the info & icon from a given ".XEX" or "Container".

1.	Run the program.

2.	Click "Add" button to add a new shortcut.

3.	Enter the shortcut information..
	If you don't want to find out the information yourself, click the
	"..." button and select the "title.xex" (default.xex) or the "Container".
	On GOD games you only need the 44kb file to get the information from, none
	of the files in the ".data" directory are needed!
	XBLA titles come in many sizes... luckily the information needed is stored
	right at the top of the "Container"!
	So all you need to do is transer about 1MB worth of the file just to be sure!
	If you want to add a custom icon for the shortcut, click the icon box and it
	will let you choose your own icon! - If its too big it will let you know.
	Path must not include the drive name, and must not start with a leading "\"
	My titles are located on "Hdd:\GAMES\" and "Usb0:\GAMES\"
	For a ".xex" title on "Hdd:\" you use "GAMES\SomeGame\default.xex"
	For a "container" title on "Usb0:\" you also use "GAMES\SomeOtherGame\78DF35..."
	So just "folder\some.xex" or "folder\someContainer" !!!!
4.	Click "Add" on the shortcut editor to add this shortcut to the shortcuts list!
	If you make/made a mistake with the shortcut info, simply "double-click" the
	shortcut in the shortcut list, and the editor will pop back up!
5.	Repeat above process until you have made all of your shortcuts.

6.	Select shortcuts to be made & click "Create", or just click "Create All" and
	all shortcuts will be made anyway.
7.	All shortcuts will be made in correct directory structure, ready to be FTP'd
	or sent over with 360 Content Manager.

							BUGS & IDEAS
Found a bug?, or have a cool feature suggestion?..
Drop me an email: [email protected]



xorloser for xextool, c0z for dashlaunch, free60 & xboxhacker guys for file formats