This is an update to nestopia 1.1x which fixes the flip filter that
made other filters flip backwards too. Flip filter is now it's own 
individual setting. 

Nestopiax now loads fds as the real thing did! when selecting 
an fds game from the rom menu it will load into the fds bios 
screen which did not get a chance to display in previous 
iterations of nestopiax. 

**added an option to "Insert FDS disk". THis is the option you 
need to pick to load the game. It can be found in general options
once you select your fds game. 

This option simply simulates inserting the disk into the fds disk slot. 

I wanted to get this out here soon since filters like none, simple 2x 
and others were botched in the last release.

it will be a little bit before another release is made, however be 
assured there are plans for more releases. as for what they are, 
well, that's a suprise!  work continues~!

also included is another small update the xml database which 
includes an entry for dragon scroll patched. the ips patch can
be found on

***Huge thanks to +T+ for his help with the flip filter.****