CDG Player

CDG Player is a simple program for PS3 that plays mp3 files and displays
graphics stored in cdg files. The format is used in many karaoke disks.

Program was compiled by psl1ght sdk ver. 1

- simple file selector
- favourites
- mp3 and cdg playback

- ps3 ready to run homebrew programs

- CROSS    - select a file or directory 
- CIRCLE   - go to parent directory
- SQUARE   - exit the program
- L1       - add a file to favourites
- TRIANGLE - display favourites
- R1       - remove item from favourites

Q: does it play CD disks ?
A: no, use a ripping program to convert your CD to audio tracks in mp3 format

Q: does it play OGG, WAV, etc. (your favourite audio format) ?
A: no, just mp3 format is supported (16 bit, stereo, 44100 or 48000 Hz) along 
   with the cdg format

Q: does it support zipped files ?
A: no

Q: does it support microphone plugged in the ps3 ?
A: no, to amplify your voice you need an extra hardware (mixer)

Q: the program sucks, can you add more features ?
A: the source code is freely available, do it yourself :)

Credits and thanks:
- minimp3 (
- PyKaraoke (
- psl1ght sdk team
- PS3 homebrew scene

Release log:
- added favourites

- initial release