Showtime Homebrew Home Theatre System v2.99.534 for PS3

A list of changes since 2.99.401 release:

-Popup menu redesigned a bit
-Add support for Windows 1251 codepage
-upnp: Make sure that we really find subtitles when doing a blind probe. This bug has caused problems for    some people making some video not start at all.
-Make it possible to enter credentials in the auth popup that is not saved to disk
-Add support for passing mimetypes internally. This speed up media loading and playback start.
-ps3: Update XMB icon (better centered)
-Make SRT subtitle discovery better
-Add support for setting subtitle output delay
-Add seek-by-thumbnail in the command popup menu (looks very bad on ps3 at the moment though)
-ui: Redesign the auth popup
-Improve the setting views
-ps3: Add support for BD remote
-Add support for cycling between audio and subtitle tracks using a single button
-Make presentation of audio and subtitle tracks better
-Improve subtitle rendering. There is a lot of changes here. see bc0cf58e and 76142920
-ps3: Display all reasonable entries found in system VFS root as services on their own
-ps3: If display operates in non-square pixel 16:9 mode, scale UI accordingly
-Use's recently released 0.7 version (with a couple of bug fixes on top)