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Playstation File System libraries README
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== Introduction ==

Playstation File System is a set of libraries designed primarily to support new
filesystems. The main aim was to provide support for reading NTFS from Sony PS3
GameOS. At this moment writing is not supported and is not currently planned.

Supported features:
* Support for multiple simultaneously connected devices.
* Hot swapping of devices.
* Support for multiple partitions (with different FS).
* NTFS support
- Alternate data streams
- Sparse files
- File compression
- B+ trees directory
* FAT support
- FAT12, FAT16, FAT32
- Long file names (VFAT)

* Userland Mass Storage device driver is tested on a small set of devices.
* Concurrent access to files on one disc is not supported.
* It supports only the ASCII subset of Unicode (UTF-16).
* Read only access.

* libpmsd.a (Playstation Mass Storage Driver)
- A simple userland driver for reading sectors from USB Mass Storage.
* libpfs.a (Playstation File System)
- File system drivers NTFS and FAT.
* libpfsm.a (Playstation File System Manager)
- Exported functions are in 'libpfsm.h'.
- Responsible for hot swapping, managing partitions and mounting the FS.