01.08.01 - Fully working FILE MANAGER mode
01.08.04 - Slide menu style with animation (real sliding when changing titles)
01.08.05 - Support for mounting DVD-Video folders (VIDEO_TS) from internal or external HDD disk (playable as VOBs in XMB VIDEO tab when any DVD-R disc is inserted)
01.08.05 - Support for detecting and mounting PS2 game backups
01.08.06 - PARAM.SFO FW 3.41 patch option. 5 additional search GAME search folders added in .ini
01.08.07 - Fixed locking on exit after FTP usage.
01.08.07 - File manager - mouse pointer changed for better visibility
01.08.07 - When no games are found more messages are displayed and all cover modes + filemanager are accessible!
01.08.07 - Filemanager: L2 - Page Up, R2 - Page Down for current pane

01.09.00 - Support for AVCHD playback from INTERNAL HDD (payload with syscall8 support required)
01.09.00 - Support for backup of AVCHD folders to internal HDD
01.09.00 - OVERSCAN option in the .ini
01.09.00 - Important fix for copying files smaller than 16KB

01.09.01 - Support for AVCHD HDD playback with USB/SDHC/MemoryStick mount points
01.09.02 - Convert Blu-ray (BDMV) structures saved on the internal HDD to AVCHD format
01.09.03 - Overscan option applied to all display modes (except FILE MANAGER)
01.09.04 - Background slide/animation uses PICPA.PNG (and not PICPL/PICPR.PNG) to save 8MB or memory.
01.09.04 - Source changes to compile with SDK 1.90 for older firmwares.
01.09.04 - Separate release for FW 1.90-3.40 (OSK not working in file manager)

01.09.05 - Fixes, improvements and changes. PC HOST network support in FILE MANAGER mode.
01.09.05 - [SELECT]+[X] while in filemanager with currently active net_host# will cause forced REFRESH of net_host contents

01.10.00 - 
* options.ini is changed
* a lot of fixes
* added option to mount /dev_flash to user defined hdd folder
* syscall and mount point options removed
* mounting AVCHD from internal HDD now works for all payloads
* overscan option applied to filemanager mode, too
* version for firmware 3.15 attached, too (do not use it for FW 3.41, because OnScreenKeyboard and HOST doesn't work)

01.10.01 - Fixed PL3 /app_home mounting, added Payload Type info in [L2] Setup and in lower right corner (P=PL3, H=HERMES, G=PSGROOVE)

01.10.02 - Added REMOTE PLAY to multiMAN and the games it launches
01.10.02 - Left analogue stick now moves the mouse like the RIGHT one to be compatible with PSP in remote-play mode for FILE MANAGER in multiMAN
01.10.02 - Fixed issue with "CF Card icon" displaying when PS3 has no internet connection (and possible black-screen lock-up)

01.10.03 - Loading progress message when multiMAN starts
01.10.03 - Improved folder scanning speed
01.10.03 - Changed [L2] Setup menu with motion background and fixed freezing with [PS] button
01.10.03 - Fixed game double listing
01.10.03 - File manager rearranged to fit PSP remote-play screen and overscan TVs
01.10.03 - Fixed folder sorting in file manager

01.10.04 - Fixed LONG loading time
01.10.04 - [SELECT]+[L2]/[R2] - change overscan options
01.10.04 - [SELECT]+[L1] - change cover mode
01.10.04 - [SELECT]+[R1] - change content mode (GAMES/VIDEO/BOTH)
01.10.04 - [START] - launches File Manager
01.10.04 - No modifications will be applied to user PS3 system before accepting the Disclaimer/agreement

01.10.05 - MP3 playback support in file manager (from local and network devices)
01.10.05 - At the moment it is limited to 2ch 44100kHz MP3 audio files (max 32MBs)
01.10.05 - Fading title names on inactivity

01.10.06 - New content folder in file manager /ps3_home
01.10.06 - New option dim_titles=5 in options.ini
01.10.06 - Improved copying folders/games with large number of files

01.10.07 - Fixed MP3 mono playback (plays in stereo)
01.10.07 - Improved COPY speed (20-25MB/s from external USB to internal)
01.10.07 - Fade-out in file manager on inactivity
01.10.07 - "Now playing:" info in [L2] setup screen (for testing purposes)
01.10.07 - Fixed "white background" for some games
01.10.07 - Some other fixes.

01.10.08 -

* JPEG/PNG picture viewer mode in file manager
* Picture viewer mode controls: LEFT/RIGHT or L1/R1 or [X] and [/\] / [O] to exit
* Picture viewer: JPEG downscale to 1920x0180
* Picture viewer: JPEG upscale of 1280x720 and 640x360 to 1920x1080
* Picture viewer: PNG max resolution 1920x1080
* Interface uses JPEG pictures and not PNG
* Covers are now in JPEG format
* Faster browsing in cover/slide mode
* Full package with 826 covers is now 14MB (was 119MB)
* hdd_home options will now accept USB paths, too

01.10.09/10 - Picture viewer

* Zoom-in / Zoom-out with RIGHT analogue stick (or with L2/R2)
* Pan left/right/up/down with LEFT analogue stick
* Slideshow (~6 seconds per picture) - start/stop slideshow with [START] button
* Picture information on/off with [SELECT] button
* Proportional ZOOM to fit WIDTH with [L3]
* Proportional ZOOM to fit HEIGHT with [R3]

* File manager: mp3/jpg/png files colored - makes it easier to find supported media.
* Game browsing in all modes is more responsive (excl the cover/slide one).
* Covers/thumbnails for AVCHD/Blu-ray compilations created with multiAVCHD are now also displayed.

01.10.11 -

* MP3 "playlist" is now working. After you play a song from the file manager, multiMAN will load the rest of the mp3 files from the folder as a playlist and will play them sequentially.
* During playback: [START]+LEFT / [START]+RIGHT skips to previous/next song in any mode and [START]+UP/DOWN controls playback volume
* MP3 is stereo, but it will be played back through all 6 speakers in 5.1 configuration with little attenuation for the rear speakers and the LFE.
* Changed initial volume to be a little softer
* AC3 5.1ch / 2.0ch is also working, but in halts the main thead until song is played through. I'll need a bit more time to put it in the background.
* multiMAN internet update doesn't require USB stick anymore. It will save it under its USRDIR/TEMP and will mount it to /app_home.
* Filemanager shortcut changed to [SELECT]+[START]
* New icon, created by condorstrike from the forum

01.10.13 - 
* Display mode #1 uses FREE TYPE fonts
* Filemanager [RENAME]: the current name is displayed
* Separate UPDATE via internet for firmware 3.15

01.10.14 -
* Nice free type fonts added to display modes #1 and #3. 
* Additional [PATHS] mode added with [L3] (large title names, smaller title names + game path, smaller titles names without the path).
* Game scrolling is rewritten to work in PAGES and browsing is as fast as it can get for all modes.
* Fixed double listing of Blu-ray/DVD-R disc when present
* Fixed disappearing USB games in USB PATCH mode

01.10.15 -
* Fixed OnScreenKeyboard (OSK) for firmware 3.15
* Fixed NETHOST support for firmware 3.15
* Changed NETHOST access during boot
* Fixed AVCHD title display for firmware 3.15
* Fixed some other minor things

01.10.16 - Copy video files to /ps3_home/video virtual folder - they will appear directly in the XMB Video tab.
01.10.16 - [SELECT]+[R3] in game display modes switches between 4 different fonts (with Japanese/French/Spanish/Russian/Bulgarian (Cyrillic)/Serbian support).

01.10.17 -

In File Manager:

* [R3] will open a file in HEX view mode
* HEX view:

[UP]/[DOWN] - Scroll in pages (512bytes)
[left]/[right] - Scroll in blocks (8KB)
[L1] - Seek to start of file
[R1] - Seek to end of file
[L2] - Scroll up one line (8 bytes)
[R2] - scroll down one line (8 bytes)
[/\] or [O] - Exit HEX file viewer

* Playing network files will show their names and not 'net_play.bin'.
* [SELECT]+[L1] will return you from file manager to last display mode
* [SELECT]+[R3] - change freetype font for display modes 1 and 3

01.10.18 -

* Proper detection of Blu-ray Video discs
* New options in the .ini to set mouse deadzone in percents for R/L sticks

* Added MP3/WAV/AAC file copy support to /ps3_home/music (XMB Music tab)
* Added PNG/JPG file copy support to /ps3_home/photo (XMB photo tab)

01.11.00 -

* Improved memory management
* Smoother and faster browsing
* Interface fixes and adjustments, improved MP3 playback
* Background music upon multiMAN startup (additional download required)
- Background music available in separate package (Theme original)

01.11.01 - 

* Support for USB mouse
* Support for USB keyboard
* Support for BD Remote Controller (if set as controller#1)

01.11.02 -


* Launch games from any folder (click [X] on EBOOT.BIN)
* Mount AVCHD from any folder (click [X] on INDEX.BDM)
* Mount BDMV (Blu-ray) from any folder (click [X] on index.bdmv)
* New option in INI: mount_hdd1=1 (to use 2GB PS3 cache partition)

01.11.03 - 

BUGFIX RELEASE (sorry guys!)

* Fixed AVCHD discovery from external USB
* Fixed PL3 payload lockup when launching games
* Added "Control console" accessible via telnet to port 1713 (FW 3.40+)

01.11.04 - 

* Added support for custom interface colors (COLOR.INI)
* Added support for [LASTPLAY] game application
* Fixed PL3 payload lock after internet update
* Fixed multiple game/video listing
* Have a nice X-MAS and support multiMAN and multiAVCHD!

01.11.05 - 

* Fixed mount points reset on launch
* Added experimental support for PS2 game backups
* Other minor fixes

01.11.06 -

* Added startup check for backup folder access
* Fixed support for [last game] application
* Fixed [last game] application (separate download)

01.12.00 -

* Added FILE/FOLDER copy to network PC (nethost)
* Added DELETE file from network PC (nethost)
* New version of ps3serv.exe required (separate download)
* Support for theme ICON0.PNG file

01.12.01 -

* Added CREATE FOLDER for network PC (nethost)
* Improved nethost support (fixed missing empty folders)
* Larger send buffer for ps3serv (up to 10MB)
* Improved game/avchd scan times
* New version of ps3serv.exe required (separate download)

01.12.02 -

* Added support for themes in FILE MANAGER
* Option in the INI to set themes folder location
* Fixed issue with downloading covers for some users
* Theme package with 22 themes availabe (separate download)

01.12.03 -

* Fixed and optimized initial content scan (much much faster than before)
* Fixed font size change (shrink/enlarge) when overscan mode is on during title names dim (fade in/out)
* Fixed original theme (to restore ICON0.PNG)
* Fixed SOUND.BIN (background sound will stop if theme does not support sound and next time you launch multiMAN there will be no sound, too)
* Added Other/Group/User access attributes display in filemanager for files and folders (linux style dxwr)
* Added [START ]+[ ] to stop music playback (for mp3 and background theme audio)
* Added [SELECT]+[X] to force [Direct Launch Prompt] when disabled
* When theme which supports sound (SOUND.BIN) is applied during MP3 playback, playback will not be interrupted
* After device connect/disconnect/patch mode change currently selected game will not change (when possible)
* New options in the ini file:

progress_bar (0 = don't show progress bar during game backup/folder copy, 1 = show progress bar)
update_dir   (path to store downloaded multiMAN update .pkg - to be used ONLY BY advanced users)
date_format  (DD/MM/YYYY, MM/DD/YYYY, YYYY/MM/DD)

01.12.05 -

* multiMAN can be launched from XMB in normal retail mode
* Symbolic / hardlink folder copy in FILE MANAGER [R3]
* New HELP screen in FILE MANAGER (10x condorstrike)
* [L2]/Setup reports firmware and payload (if available)
* Separate download for firmware 3.55

01.13.00 -

* Added support for CFW 3.55KMW and latest PL3 (kmeaw)
* Added check for proper access permissions
* [FW 3.55]: [R1] resets access permissions for selected game
* [Last Game] application updated (separate download)
* [ps3serv] PC application updated (separate download)
* Other fixes and improvements

01.13.01/02 -

* Fixed support for CFW 3.55 (KMW/WTG/WNK/GH) and latest PL3 (kmeaw)
* [Last Game] application fixed to support CFW 3.55 (separate download)
* New options in the ini (clear_activity_logs / load_custom_payload)
* Other important fixes

01.13.03/04 -

* Copy/backup speed increased (about 10% speed gain)
* On-screen-keyboard supports all languages (latin, cyrillic symbols + JP/CN glyphs)
* Experimenatal web browser in FILE MANAGER (network icon)
* multiMAN will save some display options on exit and restore upon launch
* New options in the ini (clear_activity_logs / load_custom_payload)
* Default "load_custom_payload=0" to avoid lockups with FW 3.55
* Important fixes, interface improvements and dialog additions

01.14.00 -

* Implemented stable syscall36 function (thanks to they know who)
* Fixed file manager default character mode
* Fixed network icon/text when no network is available
* More user friendly messages when problem appears
* New update/cover server (thanks to shaj)
* Option to download updates without USB stick
* New 'options.ini' format (thanks to SiGMAniac)
* [Last Game] updated (separate application)
* A lot of other stability fixes

01.14.01 -

* Hypervisor mapped memory set to 4096 bytes (not 3MB)
* Restored AVCHD support for HDD video folders
* Added on the fly mount point redirection
* Added /app_home discless game support (very limited)
* multiMAN now uses only syscall36 function
* Increased stability: proper memory management

01.14.02 - ( 01.15.RC) 

* FW 3.55 - Disc and discless suport (/app_home)
* Update downloads provided in single packages
* A lot of stuff to come in next release

01.15.00 -

* Added: Support for "Black Screen Games" from external USB HDD (thanks to anonymous#3 for the idea)
* Added: Launch "Black Screen Games" with [SELECT]+[X] key combination
* Added: Control console with peek/poke/peekl support via telnet to port 8080
* Added: LV2 GameOS memory [HEX view] and [Save to file] in FILE MANAGER
* Fixed: Blu-ray to AVCHD conversion
* Fixed: Memory allocation for RemotePlay
* Changed: [Last game] application (separate download)