BlissX Intellivision Emulator port for XBox v8

Since the emu downloads are fairly large.  I'm only including the files that change.  Be sure to download version 7 and then copy the files for version 8 over top.

First off...

The Intellivision is very reliant on something called Overlays for proper gameplay.  Hence the reason I added overlay support.  You can access the overlay by pressing the right analog stick button.  If you're still having trouble check out the manuals using the media browser.

Do NOT!  Zip up the Intellivision BIOS Roms (eg.. ecs.bin, exec.bin, grom.bin, and ivoice.bin)

Special thanks....

X-port for porting a great collection of emu's over to the xbox, releasing the source code, and answering my stupid questions.
Atariage (Albert in particular) - For providing a place for me to ramble on. For encouragement in general.
Carnage By Bob for kicking things in gear with his BlissX Xtra's.
RessurectionX for all that Xtra's stuff, synopsis, suggestions, etc.
Gilou9999 for a new PM3 skin, synopsis, suggestions, etc.
Comments of support from various interested parties.
If I missed anybody shoot me an email and I'll update this file.

*** Changes To Blissx Core ***

* Correct "overlay.ini" file this time.

* Be sure to read the changes for v7 in case you missed them.  This version is to bring BlissX up-to date with the changes to other emu's.

* Note: No rewind in BlissX do to lack of a savestate feature.

*** Interface Related Changes ***

* Accurate Screen Pixel Ratio option added (see "" for more into) per gilou9999's suggestion.  Some numbers are still a WIP.  Go into Game/Text Screen Size Position" and select "Set Game Screen to Accurate Screen Pixel Ratio".  The emu will ask you if you wish to turn off software/hardware filters and flicker filter.  This is recommended for the most accurate screen.  You'll still have to manually adjust the image on the Y axis.  We can't do everything for you, ya lazy bum!

* Added an option to display a "Static" video if no movie found.  Can be set to yes or no.  Static file must be named "Tv Static.xmv" and placed in the emu's "backgrounds" directory.

* Rewind is a bit of a memory hog.  On some emu's at 720p it is barely useful.  Some emu's can't even handle it.  Here is what I did.
* Tweaked around with the rewind system fixed a couple potential xbox lockers.
* Modified the rewind system so if memory runs low it clears half the buffer, if that doesn't work it clears the entire buffer.  What this means is that on memory intensive emu's you'll have a rewind system that mostly works.  It's pretty much a "better than nothing" set-up.
* Modified the emu so that it allocates screen memory based on the software filters used.  If you use no software filters you can save up to 4 times memory.  2 times on 2x filters.
-  As a result if you change the filters from none to 2x or 4x.  Or change it from 2x to 4x you will have to exit and reload the game for it to work.  The emu will remind you of this.  I figured this would make a good compromise for people who wanna eek out a little extra RAM.

* Known emu's to have rewind issues.  
-  NeoGenesis in CD or 32x mode cannot deal with it.  Frameskip had to be activated for it to even work in Genesis mode.
-  Snes9xBox works almost 100% in 480i/480p.  At 720p I relied on two things clearing the buffer when it's full and saving memory when filters are not used (see avoe)

* Pressing Back while in the the controller settings menu will set the value to "None".

Changes to the media browser

* User can specify whether manual is displayed "Full Size" or be "Sized to fit screen" when loaded.  Keep in mind any saved bookmarks override this.  Press Back to toggle between "Full Size" and "Size to fit screen".
* Commercials can be displayed either full screen, at the size of the video with black background, or same size of the video with synopsis background.

Controls for screenshot browser (added/changed the following)

A -> Lock/Unlock Aspect Ratio
Back -> Toggle between "Full Size" and "Size to fit screen".