Emulator DS on 360 V0.2 By Yoshihiro's  

this is another alpha release of Yoshihiro's emulator for xbox360 Based on Dsemume 0.95 
Last official release from DsEmume you can use any NDS games and homebrew .

DSon360 uno release of Dsemume .

How to use this emulator :
put every games .nds inside the roms folder

supported formats for nintendo ds : .nds .

Inganme buttons configuration :
A = B
B = A
X = Y
Y = X
LB = L
RB = R
LT = LoadState
RT = SaveState

Press the Left Thumb  for the touch screen and move it for the stylus .

Press the Right Thumb to go back to the roms list.

What's news in this release : 
Better speed in 2D games games .
Stylus Added i've used a custome wii cursor ;=).
Strech screen on evry games . 

For testing and answered questions 
Thanks to : Lantus , r0wdy , Mathieulh ,D-BlooD, Redline99 ,_n3o_ ,SonicIso , CouRieR Momdad, Skorchir, idc, Crazie, _skitzo_, MTW, Xenon7 .

All Thanks go to Dsemume Team for the hardwork done on this good emulator.
official Dsemume website : http://desmume.org 
please support the original project .

Special Thanks to my sponsor gamefreax.com and xboxgen.fr for Hardware support