BINIAX 2 for XBOX v1.0
This is the XBOX port of BINIAX 2, a challenging and logical puzzle game developed by Jordan Tuzsuzov (

How to play

Biniax 2 has three game modes (two singleplayer and one multiplayer). In each of these modes you move a cursor block around a grid arrangement, destroying two-color blocks by moving into them. A block can only be cleared if one of the two colors that comprise it matches the color of your cursor block. After you cleared a block, your cursor changes to the other color of that block. As you progress, more blocks will push their way down the screen. The game is over if you are pushed off the screen.

[DPAD / LEFT THUMBSTICK]	Move your cursor / Navigate through the menu
[A / START] 			Select an option in the menu
[Y]      			Sweep a column of blocks (not available in multiplayer mode)
[B / BACK]  			Return to the menu (the game can be resumed)

Highscores and autosaves are stored in E:\TDATA\00103081
Source code is included.

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