Aliens Vs Predator 

This is an unofficial port of the PC version of Aliens Vs Predator to the Xbox. Fox Interactive / Rebellion have nothing to do 
with this so please do not contact them for support on this port.

This port is designed to be used with the Gold Edition of Aliens Vs Predator only. The original of Aliens Vs Predator will be
supported soon hopefully.


1) Install Aliens Vs Predator onto a windows machine.
2) Copy over all the contents of your Aliens Vs Predator install folder from the windows machine, eg everything in 
C:\Program Files\Fox\Aliens versus Predator or wherever else you might have installed it
3)Copy the default.xbe file from the archive this readme file is located in to your xbox
hard drive.


The menu items are selected by pressing the "Start" button on the control pad. To escape from a menu, press the "Back" button.
When starting the game for the first time, you will be asked to create a new profile. Hit start on this, then when prompted
to type a profile name, just hit "Start" again and AvP will create a default profile name for you.

Button mappings can be changed, and any xbox buttons will have their own label on the key config page. The mappings for UP, DOWN,
LEFT and RIGHT will be blank - Don't change these! The left analogue trigger is used for movement so these don't need to be set.

AvP treats the right analogue stick as the mouse, so you can set it's sensitivity in the mouse configuration menu. You will also 
likely want to invert the vertical axis from that menu also.

Consider this a test version. I wanted to get something out there into peoples hands as this has been a long time coming.
It should be quite playable anyway.


-Most of the menu text is tiny. Sorry! I'll try "consolise" the port to make it a bit friendlier for TVs soon.
-Water doesn't render. I'll fix it later
-Framerate might not be always 100% smooth. I'm still working on this
-Don't expect multiplayer to work. If it does, it'll be LAN only and is likely to be unplayable
-Some sounds might be missing - let me know!
-Crashes. I'm not 100% sure if every bug has been ironed out yet.
-Various minor graphical oddities that shouldn't affect gameplay
-Controls could be a bit iffy..looking for suggestions on that! The movement isn't smooth. You'll go from
not moving to running instantly. Will work on making it more "analogue" and generally easier to control. please let me know of any bugs with this too.

No FMV or Music playback yet. Coming..hopefully. Multiplayer will also be doable but give me time.


There's a thread about the port going at:

It would be handiest if bug reports could be posted there.

I can be e-mailed at if necessary.

- SirLemonhead
4th February 2009