0.0.26_Beta Initial release with iXtreme 1.5

0.0.43_Beta first clean up
  1. Added more messages ahead of lite-On-Erase to encourage users to have their DVDkey before erase
  2. Fixed issues around Device Intro/ID for Lite-On, to account for delay in Lite-On controller

  3. Moved, build from dump files to DVDKey32 Tab and added warning.
     i. this function was for legacy support only, but some used it in main path
     ii. this is for creating a dummy from old dump files
     iii. dummy.bin from JF, Dosflash 1.7 or DVDkey 0.7 should always be used where possible.
     iv. only dummy.bin created in this way will include drive serial data

  4. Added a check box on DVDKey32 tab to scan for "ScsiAdapter" IO ports
     i. have filtered this to remove device that contain "SCSI" and "Promise"
     ii. although port may be compatible with DVDkey32 they may not suppoer MTKFlash

  5. Comport, enumeration has been improved, 
     i. now works in vista

  6. Added multiple Key extractions with a comparison.
     i. key will be dumped 6 times and compared for consistancy
     ii. again the only way to be 100% key is correct is to spoof another drive with your key and test.

  7. Added option in registry to disable enumerate
     i. can diable com port, io port and windows drive enumeration
     ii. this is debug functions to located potential issues
     iii. some phanton drive for Nero and remote drives caused derive enum to fail....

  8. fixed issue with spoofing Lite-On encrypted f/w from a previously spoofed f/w
     i. key was always copied correctly
     ii. spoofing was based on source type rather than what it was spoofed as
     iii. this will mean you can put back a lite-on where it was replaced
     iv. Serail data will very likely not be present in non-dummy f/w

  9. Spoofing a Lite-On iXtreme will only copy serail info that is available
     i. any serial info not present in source will mean ix1.5 serila will remain intact...
     ii. this will occur when key, inquiry, identify are used as source and not a full dummy.bin

 10. loading files in Vista issue resolved.... previously only opend from program working directory.

 11. Intro and device ID after Lite-On-Erased fixed for working with Winbond Spi flashes

 12. New Benq-Un-Lock keys add, extra 13 keys now support 62430 with Keys in B000 and C000

 13. Improved Manual spoofing...
     i. can manually edit keys
     ii. can load key from 16 byte bin file ( key.bin)
     iii. can manually enter barcode for Lite-On Spoof
     iv. can load barcode from 96 byte bin file (inquiry.bin)

 14. Drag and drop of firmware files to Source and Target tabs...

 15. Mutual Exclusion to avoid multiple instance of JF being opened

 16. Add Explorer Context menu support for bin.
     i. user can right click .bin file and select "JF Source" or "JF Target"...
     ii. this will start JF, if JF is not already running...
     iii. if JF is running, Mutex will stop a new instance from being started, but will message the
          existing instance with the action and the close..