Version 4.0 Release Date 08.08.2008
- all code completely redone, MFC discarded and only used plain Windows API,
  executable size is now 50 KB
- added support for BenQ VAD6038
- drive speed in options are now set to only the supported ones in the TS-H943A
  and VAD6038 firmware, all other speeds displayed in V3.4 were redirected to one
  of the actual speeds inside the firmware
- minimum speed is now set by S360X to be optimal for security sector extraction
- no need to restart S360X if Custom Drive Type or SS Debug Mode options are changed
- possibility to choose an extraction file name, not only a path, no automatic naming
  scheme is used anymore, S360X tries to suggest an intelligent file name depending
  on the selected task in the Save As Dialog
- existing image files can now be overwritten on demand, S360X asks the user to
  overwrite or not
- because of the changed ini values an old ini placed in the S360X folder gets
  overwritten, this is related to S306X testing for the actual build number in the ini,
  if the exe is a newer build the ini gets overwritten
- XDVDFS XTR dialog completely remastered, the XDVDFS file system from any disc, image or
  game.iso can now be extracted based on a Windows Explorer like interface with a tree
  view and a list box, in addition it is possible to select only single files or folders
  of the file system, wildcard selection works now accumulative, this means you can select
  all *.bik and *.wmv files by first typing *.bik > Select Wildcars and after that *.wmv >
  Select Wildcards, to unselect all entries deselect the tree views root item \
- Send Custom CDB dialog has now two custom hex controls, one for the buffer received from
  the drive and a second for the buffer send to the drive, the send buffer can be edited
  by the user in realtime in RAM, this means you could send for example a parameter list
  to a drive, change it slightly and send it a 2nd time
- the executable can now be started in more than one instance, but handle this with care,
  I use this mainly for testing when I wanna extract files from an image during a disc
  extraction, it is not recommended to extract from two different drives at the same time
- Stealth Check time reduced, stealth and CRC32 checks are now done in parallel, so I don't
  have to parse the same bytes twice, this reduces the time for a stealth and CRC32 check,
  the game.iso part is CRC32 checked as the last part, so I can display region code,
  Media ID and game name before the CRC32 check is over
- S360X is now ready for
  - Windows XP 32 Bit
  - Windows XP 64 Bit
  - Windows Vista 32 Bit
  - Windows Vista 64 Bit
- new stealth.ini added
- and much much more I can't remember...