Hi guys,

I've just released a beta of my port of ScummVM. This one is based off of the current ScummVM subversion tree (0.11.0svn).

This isn't an update of my previous port, it's a complete 'do over' (as an american might say). Some (xbox specific) things are in this version that weren't in my previous port and it's likely that some things from the previous version aren't in this one.

It is something that I've had in progress for a while now, other stuff kept getting in the way so I couldn't spend time on it. Because of that it's probably not as well tested as it could have been.

That's where you guys come in - please test the hell out of it during the next week or so and post any feedback so that I know what to look at.

Please remember that this is not an official port or part of the ScummVM project itself, so lease don't go bothering those guys with any issues. If you find anything wrong, please come and tell me about it here on xbox-scene.

Merry Christmas everyone,