FuseX Version 0.6 release notes

Here is version 0.6 of FuseX. Quite a lot has changed since 0.5 - it's quite a bit better now.

NEW: Zip support.
NEW: Enabled graphics filters.
NEW: Emulator settings loading/saving.
NEW: Settings now saved per game (joystick setting and joypad config).
NEW: Tape fast-fwd loading option.
NEW: Tape control menu.
NEW: Subdirectory browsing in file list menu.
NEW: Re-Mappable buttons for emulator actions.
NEW: Nice splashscreen and dashboard icon. [Thanks Antiriad!]
NEW: Savestate slots now have an info panel to tell you what is in each slot.
NEW: Snaps can be stored anywhere on the HD instead of just within FuseX dir.
NEW: Wrote some proper documentation.
NEW: Added more user-tweakable settings for RZX demo mode.
CHANGED: UI is a bit nicer and more user friendly.
CHANGED: Virtual keyboard looks nicer and can be moved with the analog stick.
CHANGED: General optimizations. Should be less sluggish now. 
CHANGED: Joypad mappings menu is more user-friendly.
FIXED: RZX loading _much_ faster.
FIXED: RZX memory leak.
FIXED: Big RZX files should now load.
FIXED: RZX compatibility improved.
FIXED: Sound stuttering (note: fix only works on PAL compatible boxes).
FIXED: Vertical and horizontal line running through centre of the screen.
FIXED: Lots of bugs.

webpage: 	fusex.sourceforge.net
email: 	[email protected]