ZsnexBox 3.3

What's new:

-Fixed crashes related to running out of RAM in HD modes. You should be able to use any skin in 720p or 1080i and have no crashes ever. If you are an HD user that has been waiting to upgrade, then now is the time.

-Several (too many to list) HD GUI fixes. If you are an HD user, you will be pleased at the new tweaks.

-Added 720p and 1080i versions of all the skins. If you are going to run in 720p or 1080i, don't try to configure everything yourself (it takes FAR too long). Change to a 720p or 1080i skin and this will setup the GUI for you. This method will only require minor tweaks for your TV.

-The HD setting is now applied from the skin ini file.

-Removed a lot of dead code.

-Removed the TV calibration option since I assume it's not really being used by anyone. This frees up more RAM.

-The database files are loaded/unloaded on the fly to free more RAM

-Fixed the virtual keyboard to display correctly in 720p and 1080i.

-Added larger font sizes for the game guide and GUI (the game guide was too small to read in 720p and 1080i. This is fixed)

-Loading game guides 1MB and up should work now in HD resolutions (but don't go too crazy with the file sizes).

There are a few RAM related issues I need to fix, but I wanted to get this version out. 3.0 and up were unusable in HD resolutions. Now that's fixed.


Extract and copy all files and folders to your Xbox hard drive. Run "default.xbe" to start. Delete your old ZsnexBox.ini and Path.ini  files if upgrading.