GENS Sega Genesis Emulator port for XBox v2

Put roms wherever you want
(default dir is \SGENROMS )

What's New :
 - 4 Player support (At main menu, press LTHUMB, select Emulator Options, 
   then toggle 4 player setting.  Do not use this option on games that
   do not support 4-players because it will screw up the controls.  If you
   start playing a game and you wonder why your controller isn't working,
   it's probably because you left 4-player mode on.)

 - Delete save files.  At main menu, press LTHUMB, then select the option
   to delete the saved files of the currently selected game.

 - Fixed bug in cheat codes that would not let you enter addresses > 0x7FFF

 - Selectable CD emulation mode.  Press A to start a game using the default 
   CD mode (most compatible) or press the RTHUMB button to start a game
   using the alternate CD mode.  

 - Visual description of current video mode when you switch it.

 - RANALOG Up/Down/Left/Right controls SFX/MP3 music volume during gameplay
   (This was actually in the last release, but not mentioned in the NFO.)


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GENS Sega Genesis Emulator port for XBox v1

Put roms in \SGENROMS dir
(or navigate to the directory via the menu)

What's New :
 - Emulates Sega Genesis/Megadrive/32X/SegaCD/MegaCD
 - Full sound/video
 - No discernable sound problems 
 - Save states
 - More accurate CD emulation (e.g. Popful Mail)
 - CUE sheet processing
 - CDDISSECT-friendly. Rip with CDDISSECT, upload to XBOX, run CUE
 - Multi-CD support
 - Directory navigation
 - Selectable 2xSai graphics filter
 - Redefinable buttons (saved for each game)
 - Throttle/Speed up by pressing Right Trigger
 - Force a specific country code if GENS cannot correctly guess
 - ZIP support
 - Cheat code searching
 - Font size/Screen size,position adjustable by pressing Left Thumb Stick
 - Play MP3s (Stop playback using BACK button)

There were a lot of outstanding issues with the other port of Gens, so I 
decided to do a port myself.  Additionally, this version has a whole lot of
extra features.  

Better CD compatibility/CUE sheet processing/CDDISSECT friendly

The other port could not emulate some Sega CD games (like Popful Mail), but
mine does.  Furthermore, I've improved (IMHO) the original CD track processing by 
allowing for the input of a CUE sheet.  The original GENS source code calculates
CD track lengths by making a best calculation of the length of the MP3 files. 
This, however, is not always accurate.  If you have many MP3 tracks on a CD, the
track offsets grow increasingly incorrect.  Using a CDDISSECT-made CUE sheet
results in 100% accuracy.  (So I suggest you use it.)  Additionally, this port
of GENS is completely CDDISSECT friendly - meaning that you can pop a CD into
your computer, run CDDISSECT, upload all the files (without renaming anything)
and run the CUE sheet on XBox.  If you run the CUE sheet, you do not need to
rename the ISO file to remove the "01" at the end of the name.  However, if
you try to run the ISO file, it will not find the MP3 tracks (unless you first
rename the ISO file to remove the "01".)  If you have existing CD images on your
XBox that worked with the other port of GENS, then they will also work with this

Directory navigation 

Load your files from any directory on your XBOX at or below where the XBE
file is placed.

No discernable sound problems

I'm using an NTSC Xbox, and I have yet to hear anything wrong with the sound.
PAL users - if something sounds funky, I'd suggest first switching your XBox
to 60hz mode.  If that doesn't work, then try launching the game with one of
the other country buttons (described below)

Save States

Use LTRIGGER+WHITE to load a state
Use LTRIGGER+BLACK to save a state

Multi-CD Support

Some games are longer than 1 CD.  When the game prompts you to enter the
next CD, press the RTHUMB button to bring up the Options menu.  Then
press WHITE to select the next Sega CD image to load. 

Selectable 2xSai graphics filter

All games start in 2xSai mode by default.  To toggle 2xSai mode on/off,
press the LTHUMB button.  So far, every regular Genesis game I've played
runs at solid 60 fps even with 2xSai mode on.  Here are some stats on a
couple of 32x games:

Doom 32X        - 2xSai mode : 42.0 FPS    Normal mode : 59.9 FPS
Mortal Kombat 2 - 2xSai mode : 37.7 FPS    Normal mode : 59.9 FPS

If the game seems to be dropping frames (and it bothers you), turn off 2xSai mode!

Redefinable buttons (saved for each game)

While playing a game, go to the Options menu by pressing RTHUMB button.
Press X to bring up the Configuration menu and select Emulator Configuration.
From here, you can redefine all of the Sega Genesis buttons.  When done,
go back to the game.  When you exit the game by going back to the main
menu, those button definitions will be saved for that game.  The next time
you load the game, your buttons will be reset to what you had before.

Throttle/Speed Up

Sometimes there are lengthy intros in some games that you cannot stop.
Use the RTRIGGER button to speed things up and zoom by those annoying
beginning screens.

Force Specific Country Code

Sometimes GENS does not correctly guess the country code of the game and
you might see a "you cannot play this game on this machine" type message.  
If so, then use the following buttons to launch a game with the specified
country code:

A     = Let Gens guess
X     = Force Japan
B     = Force USA
BLACK = Force Europe
WHITE = Force Other

Cheat Code searching

Just about every single port I've released has this feature, and I 
occasionally hear people asking "how does it work?"  This is easiest to 
explain by example:

First, start playing a game.  While playing the game, go to the options
menu by pressing RTHUMB button.  Then press the BLACK button to 
"Start Search For Cheat Code".  Now go back to the game and lose a life.
Return to the options menu and press A to "Continue Cheat Search". This
will bring up a menu where you can compare the last memory contents of the 
game with the current contents.  In this example, you'll want to press
Y to search for values less than last time.  This is because when you
started searching you had 1 more life than you do now.  After you press
Y you will see that the number of matches on the bottom of the screen
decreased, but will probably still be a high number.  Go back to the game,
lose another life, and search for values less than last time again.  The
number will go down again.  If you run out of lives, you can restart the 
game.  Now your number of lives will be *greater* than it was the last time,
so you'll want to search for values greater than last time on the 
"Continue Search" menu.  Continue this process until the number is less
than 10.  At this point, you can add the codes to your list.  Now go
back to the options menu and select the option for viewing your cheat code
list.  Look for the code whose value seems to match the number of lives
that you have and enable it.  Go back to the game and you should now have
infinite lives!  Once you get the hang of it, it's really quite simple.

Font Size/Screen Adjustment

Press the LTHUMB button at the main menu to bring up the configuration menu.
From this menu you can :

change the text offset (to push menu text to the right)
Change the position and size of the game screen
Change the font size (either 12 or 16)
Redefine the default button mappings.

Play MP3s

Launch an MP3 from the main menu by using the A button.
Stop MP3 playback by pressing the BACK button at the main menu.

Button Summary

Main Menu:

  A        - Play selected game - Gens guesses country
  B        - Play selected game - Force USA
  X        - Play selected game - Force Japan
  BLACK    - Play selected game - Force Europe
  WHITE    - Play selected game - Force Other
  UP/DOWN  - Scroll through list of games line by line
  LEFT     - Scroll up one page
  RIGHT    - Scroll down one page
  LTRIGGER - Jump to the previous letter
  RTRIGGER - Jump to next letter
  Y        - Show help screen
  BACK     - Stop MP3 playback
  LTHUMB   - Press to bring up configuration menu

  Reset Xbox by pressing START+BACK+LTRIGGER+RTRIGGER  

In Game:

  DPAD/LTHUMB    - Movement
  A              - User defined
  B              - User defined
  X              - User defined
  Y              - User defined
  BLACK          - User defined
  WHITE          - User defined
  START          - User defined
  BACK           - User defined
  LTHUMB         - Press to toggle 2xSai mode
  RTHUMB         - Press to bring up options menu
  RTRIGGER       - Throttle/Speed Up  


Stella, Gnuboy, SMSPlus, FCEUltra, HUGO, NeoPop, DGen, Bochs, HUGO-CD, FMSXBox, 
Bliss, WinSTon, Gens....what's next?