Maximus - FIRMWARE TOOLBOX V3.1B (With C4E/Garyopa Hitachi 1.7
The Credit on the Hitachi 1.7 is to C4E for his original Hitachi 
Jitter Fix and to Garyopa for layout those changes on other versions

On this release I am including a missing file that was causing 
problems to users that used the option of the external flashers 
mainly users with drives 59 and older, none 78 users complain

We are on the same line to having 1 tool for all hitachi versions
and to allow that we already have figured out how to solve the 
USB-SATA issues and some SIL issues to, so on next versions you
can use that devices (for versions prior to 59) whitout glitches.

Meanwhile since this version is not USB-SATA friendly you can use
the "external flashers" option or use the C4E release earlier wich
is MS-DOS (if your drive is 59 or lower) and this release if you 
have 78/79


   - Added:     Missing File was causing troubles to users with
                Classic Mode.
   - Added: 	Hitachi Xtreme 1.7 (Disc Jitter Fix)
   - Added: 	Smart Hack Patcher now works for all Production Drives
                V40 thru v79
   - Added:     Correctly show and handle of keys for Hit79 drives
   - Corrected: Bug displaying Samsung FW as spoofed (display error)
   - Corrected: Several other bugs
   - Improved : Checksum checkup when dumping
   - Added:     OCX's included on the release (there are available on
                Microsoft site anyway)

Release Notes:
   On Xtreme 1.7 the F900 core and Stealth FW have been removed
   This could be seen as a Step Back, but indeed is 2 steps ahead, 
   By one side we are trying to build one solid application (toolbox)
   that would make easier the future Hitachi Releases (which currently
   its a pain because of all the variations) and by other side it 
   incorporates Disc-Jitter check fix for Hitachi drives.

   The F900 core needs more work and can be easily incorporated on 
   future versions along with other goodies that already are under
   development (media-stealth, single layer support, etc).

   The Fw Stealth was a good idea but it has been proven that the fw
   could be readed by other means, indeed the newer versions (78+) 
   does not have the need to implement stealth so I think it will not
   be used anymore.

   A graphical tool to handle several common dvd-drive firmware
   tasks. This is the better tool you will find.
   You can copy-paste the keys from one firmware to another not 
   matter if they are different vendor (samsung or hitachi)
   and not matter the version of the FW

   Allows SMART PATCH for rolling code firmwares (Hitachi 0078) and
   also Direct Flash on all drives, even the nasty 78 drives.

   RAWDUMP does not work fine with SIL chipsets yet, be aware of use 
   the validate checksum feature to avoid bad dumps and bricks. We
   will be working on SIL chipsets later.

   The flasher/restore appears to be rock solid now, also very easy
   to understand, so this could be the base to flash future firmware 
   releases, even on the 78

 - Direct Dump and Direct Flash over all versions of GDR3120L drives
   even the 0078 FK drives.
 - Allow copy-paste of the keys between firmare not matter if
   they are crypted or not or if they are different vendor or
   even better, not matter which version of Fw (46,47,59,78 etc)
 - Do common firmware tasks with a mouse click
 - Supports Samsung and Hitachi firmwares All Versions 
 - Shows Vendor, ROM version and also if its CRYPTED or NOT
 - Allow crypt or decrypt the files
 - Shows the 16 byte Keys not matter if the file is Crypted
 - Allows adding of TAGS to a KEY like Owner, Serial No, Date.
   (Dont worry, the tags are not saved onto firmware file)
 - Fully Integrated with Windows Context Menu (like winrar)
 - Fully Supports 512 KB firmwares (2 banks)

   If you are on repair business, take a look at the Sponsorship donations
   and help new developments

 - Unzip contents on the folder you like
 - Open application and go to Options->Enable Windows Context Menu
 - Close application


 - To open a file you can just on Windows Explorer do Right Click and
   choose "Open with Firmware Toolbox", or you can first launch the 
   application and do File-Open menu or simply drag a file from your
   browser to the application.

 - To encrypt or decrypt a file just open it as above and click the
   button encrypt or decrypt.

 - To replace a key just type it or copy-paste it into the key
   textbox and click on "Replace Key"

 - To set or replace Tag Data just type it into the Tag Data Section
   "Save Tag Data".  This Tag Data will be show every time you open
   a file that have the same key.  Useful to identify an Owner's Key


   - Added: 	Direct Dumping of GDR3120L drives attached to PC.
                Also features a new RAW memdump which is not fooled
                by the stealth method on currently hacked drives.
                Even can dump the nasty 78 drives all by software.

   - Added: 	Direct Flashing of Keys, Spoof data and also
                Direct flash of hacked firmwares over all hitachi
                drive models attached to the PC. Even flash the 
                0078FK drives and newer (I hope). So forgot epoxy
                removal for now.
                see video tutorial here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSSPmAAtMUk

   - Added: 	Option to do a Smart hack on those "Rolling 
                Code" Firmwares like 78 and surely newer ones

   - Added: 	Option to create multibank fw
   - Added: 	Option to split multibank fw
   - Added: 	Option to Spoof a firmware, you can spoof
                a Hitachi XX version to a Hitachi YY version,
                you can even spoof a hitachi Fw to report as
                a samsung drive.
   - Added: 	Option validate checksum, this will allow 
                detect proper and bad dumps before flashing


   - Corrected: Lookup of keys on GDR-3120L V78 because
                they dont have same location on all drives.

   - Added:     Show of the "hacker string" that identifies 
                hacked versions. (Samsung on FFE0, Hitachi 
                on 37F0) In case of 512 KB roms will only
                show for bank 0

   - Added:     Option to quick view the key database

   - Added:     Bigger "Encrypt/Decrypt" button for those that 
                have not been using this save-time feature

   - Direct dump/flash of 79 drives
   - Smart Hack Patcher configurable by script (avoid hard coded rules)
   - Restore and Patch Wizards (for totally noobs)

If the context menu is not shown when you right-click over a file just
open the application and do Options-Disable Windows Menu and then
Options-Enable Windows Context Menu.  Also RAWDUMP does not work
fine with SIL chipsets, be aware of use the validate checksum feature
to avoid bad dumps and bricks

Some USB 2 SATA Adapters hangs at the moment of dumping, use a 
Native Sata PC

[email protected]

C4E, Seventhson, garyopa, geremia, birdy, Loser, modfreakz, uberfry, 
Tecno Devices and all others on xboxhacker.net