What is this:
  A patch to make games compatible with an xbox with a 1ghz mobile p3 fitted

Why do you need it:
  To patch games for the faster processor so they run at normal speed and playback smoothly

After recently getting a modified motherboard from trusty xbmc worked great but most games
where to fast and had garbled audio

I looked for a patch for the xbe's but one didnt exist

So decided to make my own

CodeFusion was used to patch the required code

I have tested this on 114 xbe's 6 or 7 didnt patch because the required 733mhz hex wasnt in the xbe
on testing these xbe's they didnt need patching anyway as they ran at the correct speed

Something interesting i noticed

XBMC it seems needs patching even though any build after the 16th feb 2007 adds support for the 1ghz cpu

if you delete splash.png and dont patch the xbe the startup animation of the xbox media center logo jitters and pauses