Frosty's v1.0 5101 - 5101 BIOS for v1.0 XBOX Consoles

Created By FrostyTheSnowman

Disclaimer: I take absolutely no responsibility for what may result from the usage
	    of this BIOS. By using/flashing this BIOS, you are agreeing to be held 
	    accountable for what may result from the usage/flashing of this BIOS. 
	    Use at your own risk.

Detailed Information

* This BIOS is ONLY for v1.0 XBOXes. DO NOT USE ON v1.1-v1.6 CONSOLES!
* 100% Compatible with v1.0 EEPROMs/TSOPs, and PAL/NTSC/JAP regions.
* Contains an uneditted, ORIGINAL v1.1 5101 kernel.
* 100% Compatible with NKPatcher v10 and higher.
* This BIOS has NOT been tested on XBOX Live.

Other Notes

This BIOS was created so that v1.0 XBOX owners could utilize the updated GPU code 
that resides within all kernels above 5101. The original v1.0 BIOSes (3944 and 4034) 
had some bugs in the GPU code that would occasionally cause strange texture errors 
in some games such as Halo 2 (Flickering walls, and some lighting issues.), and these
bugs were corrected by Microsoft in kernels 5101 and above. Using this BIOS on a v1.0 
console will allow your v1.0 XBOX to utilize the new GPU code, and therefore the GPU 
bugs will be resolved.

This BIOS contains a completely original, uneditted 5101 kernel, and a v1.0 bootloader
so that the 5101 kernel is able to boot properly on v1.0 XBOXes. It has been extensively
tested on v1.0 EEPROMs/TSOPs and is also fully compatible with PAL/NTSC/JAP regions.

NOTE: This BIOS is only useful to people that still use retail v1.0 BIOSes. (Softmodders)
      Most current hacked BIOSes (X2, X3, etc.) are already based on more recent kernels
      and therefore already have the updated GPU code. If you are using a modchip with
      a current modchip BIOS, then this BIOS is not necessary.