Connect360 2.82 FAQ

* How do I connect?

Ensure that no firewall is active on your Mac and that "Access Control List" is turned off in Connect360's settings (or add your Xbox's IP to it).

Go to the System->Computers section in the Xbox menus and make sure you disconnect from all computers.

Restart the Xbox360. Next, go to the Media->Music->Computer section and answer Yes when prompted regarding the Windows Media Connect software.

* How can I stream videos to my Xbox 360?

Connect360 will find and share WMV video files in your Movies folder. Please note that the WMV file must contain a WMV video track and a WMA audio track. Other codecs will not currently work with the Xbox 360 and therefore will not be shared by Connect360.

* Connect360 is only showing some of my songs and photos!

The unregistered version of Connect360 is limited to 100 songs and 100 photos. This is not a bug. Once you register Connect360, the limitation is removed.

* My iTunes Music Store purchased songs aren't listed on my Xbox 360!

Songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store are DRM protected and the Xbox 360 does not support the iTunes (Apple) DRM, therefore these songs cannot be played back on your Xbox 360.

A workaround is to burn these songs to an Audio CD using iTunes and then re-import them into iTunes as MP3s.

* My iTunes or iPhoto Library is not found

If your iTunes or iPhoto library is not found, you can create an alias pointing to it named "iTunes Music Library" in your Music folder. For iPhoto, create an alias named "iPhoto Library" in your Pictures folder.

* My Xbox is detected but it says that it is "Unauthorized"

If your Xbox 360 appears as unauthorized in the Discovered Devices section of Connect360, you will need to either disable the Access Control List in Connect360's Settings or add the Xbox's IP or IP range to it.

* Ports 1900 and/or 9335 are in use error

If you get a dialog stating ports 1900 and/or 9335 need to be made open before you can use the application, likely you have another application using one of the ports. The most likely one is TwonkyMedia (using port 1900 for SSDP) and you will need to quit/uninstall it.

* I am using a firewall on my Mac, Connect360 won't work?

If you have the Mac OS X firewall active on your Mac, Connect360 will remind you and help you configure it. If you are using other firewall software, you will need to open TCP port 9335 and UDP port 1900.

* I'm using a switch or more than one router, will this work?

Ensure that the Xbox 360 and the Mac running Connect360 are connected to the same network router or hub. This is necessary in order for broadcast messages to be exchanged between the two. Note that Connect360 may not work with a network switch, you need a hub-type device or a switch that supports broadcasting. You may also need to have both the Xbox and Mac on the same interface type (wired versus wireless, but not a mix of the two), depending on your router's capabilities.

* I have a Linksys WRT54G and my Xbox 360 can't see my Mac!

Ensure you are running the factory firmware on your router. Using custom firmware may not work. Resetting the router to factory settings may help as well.

* Can I use a cross-over cable to connect the 360 directly to the Mac?

No, this configuration will not work. You must use a hub or router to connect the Mac and Xbox 360.

* Will Connect360 work over a wireless range extender?

It may not, unless your extender is able to correctly forward broadcast packets (as it should).

* Other troubleshooting tips

We recommend using "Automatic" (DHCP) network configuration on the Xbox 360.

NAT translation may need to be disabled on Airport Express or Airport Extreme.

* Connect360 locks up, crashes or freezes

Please contact customer support via [email protected].