ZsnexBox 2.99b1

What's new:

-Added support for looping classic video game music.

-Added support for Microsoft Soundtracks

-Added a new Music player skin.

-Added an animated frequency bar for the music player.

-Added option to resize/move the music player and frequency bar

-Added option to loop songs when playing from a soundtrack.

-Added option to play an entire soundtrack (one song after another). The soundtrack will start over when all songs have played.

-Added support for 5 fonts that can be picked from the GUI

-Added 5 media player skins

-The preview + preview border are now displayed when resizing either. 

-Optimized the memory usage a bit.

-Removed a lot of dead code.

-Added "resume music" when the user picks a classic track or an Xbox soundtrack song. The music will continue playing after exiting a game.

-Added a TV calibration option. This can be used to adjust the Contrast, brightness, and color on your TV for use with ZsnexBox (or any other Xbox app).

-Updated to blarggs latest music library

-blarrg for more code and the excellent music library
-The people who made the sonique skins I borrowed
-Anyone I forgot


This will be the last release from me until early next year. I recently got a new job that's going to move me across the country. So it will be a couple months before I get settled (or get internet access). I won't have any time to put towards ZsnexBox, but development will resume in January.