Maximus-Garyopa_XTRM-HITACHI_v2_3_Stealth 8in1
*** MOST OF THE WORK IS FROM garyOPA, even most of this Readme File ***

WHAT IS NEW:   Change booting order to counter-attack the fake ss that
               appears to be on some EA games.

I have not tried it since here on America we dont have yet any of this
games. In the worst case will not harm your box.

**If your drive is flashed USE A RESTORE FIRST**  
(Use the restore included on this package)

FEATURES (my contribution on this release):

* Removed old media detection and replaced with better media detection 
  (media detection ver 2) from Geremia. 
* Incorporates Maximus Firmware Stealth (Full Firmware Stealth)
* Added support for 59b firmware (what a stupid fw)
* Not yet Media Stealth... I have not heard news on this topic

Three Commands (for flashing use only one: Flash16s or Flash23s, no both):

FLASH23S.BAT: Flashes your drive with 2.3 Fw Stealth (Media Detect 2, 
              F900 core and Firwmare Stealth

FLASH16S.BAT: Flashes your drive with 1.5 Fw Stealth (Media Detect 2, 
              and Firwmare Stealth, (NO F900 Core)

RESTORE.BAT:  Return your drive to original State, even if you have
              firmware stealth in your drive

*RECOMENDATION: If you have flashed your drive in the past use RESTORE
first. If it is a brand new drive use directly the Flash command you 
like. If you dont plan to use your drive to dump games use the 


   - Now includes "Security Sector Extraction" for all Hitachi Drives

   - Included media detection 2 from Geremia and Maximus Firmware
     Stealth, this release just supports SS Extraction within Windows 
     without the need to re-flash your drive back and forth between 
     PLAY & RIP!

Flashing your drive
FLASH23S.BAT automatically makes a complete backup of your firmware system

* To FLASH a drive, it must be in "Mode B" and have "Drive Letter"
* Then just run FLASH21 from "Command Prompt" while inside windows
* Prompt must be at the same directory with the rest of the files!

* FLASH23S needs two variables, the assigned "Drive Letter", and any 4
  numbers for the BACKUP directory, use a new unique number like 1672

  - This is used to make your BACKUP directory!

  - For Example: FLASH23S.BAT H 1672

  - Will cause the FLASH after running to have, a BACKUP directory
    "X23-1672" and the program will store FIVE firmware files:

    ---- key.bin   ---- DRIVE KEY /// DRIVE KEY
    ---- was.bin   ---- Your drive before FLASH
    ---- gdrXX.bin ---- The untouch original fw
    ---- XX_23.bin ---- The patched Xtreme23 fw
    ---- now.bin   ---- Your drive after FLASH!

  - Where the XX in the above names will be the version of your Hitachi

* Program will not start unless a BACKUP is correctly made and stored!

* Flash will auto-detect your firmware build of your Hitachi drive.

* You can flash any drive, even "v1.1" or "f900" or your own hacks.

* System will check flashed firmware, and redo until 100% completed.

* Once you get the PASS / DONE line, you can shut-down the system.

FLASH16S.BAT is the same as above but, without F900 core, use this
if you dont want to extract SS with your drive.

Restoring your drive
RESTORE.BAT automatically restores your drive back to original state

* To RESTORE a drive, it must be in "Mode B" and have "Drive Letter"
* Then just run RESTORE from "Command Prompt" while running windows.

* The new RESTORE does not need any backup, it will 100% restore your
  drive back to "ORIGINAL" state as long as it is visible in Windows!

* Program will not start unless it detects the version of your Hitachi!

* You can restore any drive, even "v1.1" or "f900" or your own hacks.

* System will check flashed firmware, and redo until 100% completed.

* Once you get the PASS / DONE line, you can shut-down the system.

Here it is, the long awaited World's first Xbox 360 backup firmware
modification to boot game backups on Hitachi GDR-3120-L DVD drives!

But, now complete with "Security Sector" Extraction to make your
own backup of original Xbox 360 and XBOX 1 games on your system.

Boots all Xtreme Xbox 360 backups
Boots all Xtreme Xbox 1 backups supported by emulator
Boots all Xbox 360 originals
Boots all Xbox 1 originals supported by emulator

Use on Xbox Live at your own risk

Technical details
Security sectors are read in this order:

Reads Xbox 360 security sector from PSN 04FB1F (Layer 0)
Reads Xbox 1 security sector from PSN 605FF (Layer 0)
Reads Xbox 360 security sector from PSN FD021E (Layer 1)

Flashes sector 90003000 (Xtreme Custom Code)
Flashes sector 9003e000 (Master Checksum)
Flashes sector 90035000 (Security Sector Read)
Flashes sector 90034000 (Media Detect)
Flashes sector 90027000 (Challenge Response 2/2)
Flashes sector 90026000 (Challenge Response 1/2)
Flashes sector 90025000 (Mode B to A 2/2)
Flashes sector 90024000 (Mode B to A 1/2)
Flashes sector 9001d000 (Game Unlock)
Flashes sector 9001c000 (Drive Response Table Decrypt)
Flashes sector 9000a000 (UNDO Tray Tweak)
Flashes sector 90006000 (Mode B Tweak)

Extracting Security Sector

* Drive first be FLASHed with our Xtreme v2.3 firmware.

* Ensure SATA cable is plugged from Hitachi drive to PC. 

* Ensure XBOX video cable is pluggd into back of console.

* Power on the Xbox 360 console.

* Open the drive Tray, by pressing the EJECT button.

* Pull the power plug on xbox 360 from back of console.

* This will force the console to leave the tray in the OPEN position.

* Plug the power brick back into the Xbox 360.

* Power on Xbox 360 using the "power" button.

* Drive is now in Mode B. 

* Turn on your PC and wait for Windows to boot.

* Insert original game disk into drive.

* And wait for windows to detect disk change.

* Run the included "GETSS.EXE" program from a "command prompt" like so:

  - Replace the "H" used in the above example
    with the correct assigned "Drive Letter"!

Creating a game backup

* Full info above to make the "SS.BIN" file first.

* Extract the included "ISOBUILD.RAR" package.

* Insert original game disk into drive.

* And wait for windows to detect disk change.

* Run Isobuster

  - Right click on DVD and select Extract From-To

  - Click Length and enter number of LBAs as follows:
  - Xbox 1 Original Number of LBA to read 3431264 decimal


  - Xbox 360 Original Number of LBA to read 3567872 decimal

  - Select User Data (2048 bytes/block)
  - Click Start Extraction

  - Enter filename as game.iso and click Save

  - Upon read error dialogue box choose fill with blank zeros
    for sector and select use this selection for all errors

* Copy game.iso and ss.bin to the relevent isobuilder directory
  (Depending on Xbox 360 or Xbox 1 game)

* Run build360.bat (Xbox 360 game) or build.bat (xbox 1 game)

* Ensure your burner will set the booktype of DVD+R DL to DVDRom

* Burn with CloneCd and choose the image.dvd file

Support & Thanks
Thanks to everyone at Xboxhacker.net for all their discussions.
Thanks go to Seventhson for flashsec and memdump.
Thanks go to Loser for firmcrypt.
Thanks go to Team Avalaunch for their support.

Many thanks to "Commorode4eva" for the original v47 release...
Many thanks to "Spectrum4eva" for the original F900 release...
Many thanks to "Birdy" for the Mode B tweak...
Many thanks to "Geremia" for the better media detection...
Many thanks to "Exobex" for Windows 2000 support.