XDVDRebuilder is a program that doesnt rebuild xbox dvds
(actually it would work for xbox 1 isos ripped with garbage but not for 360 isos because they have 
magical hidden data and until someone works out where it might be its doomed to failure)

Note: this program is not complete and as such has options that dont do anything and buttons which 
are disabled, dont panic though, its easy.

What it DOES do is quickly and easily allow you to check the region code of an iso
(more specifically the default xex/xbe of an iso) and tell you if its stealthy or not, and if it has 
been patched with SS. Works with both xbox1 and xbox360 isos.

It'll also pop up a message box if its a 360 iso and the xex is bootable off anything other than an 
original DVD
(i'd make it show media flags but 15 checkboxes is too much annoying typing for me)

Just put the filename in the box and click parse, or click browse, and the iso will be loaded and 
parsed for you.

Developery/interested people:
Source code is included, because if you can work out the where the missing data is its absolutely 
trivial to mod it to work as its supposed to, just reenable the buttons. Also, make the window a bit 
bigger and the hidden debug things will appear, these have very little error checking and stuff but
might be useful if you like that kind of thing :o
Reading from CD/DVD doesnt work either, but i have no idea why as itll happily open an iso ripped 
from a dvd, just not an original. (dvd5 backup works, dvd9 backup doesnt). Getting that working would 
be quite nice if anyone has any idea whats going on :o