2.8 -> 3.0

- Fixed: sezione Modifica Software
- Fixed: Evox.ini in inglese nella sezione English
- Updated: Skin di installazione
- Updated: XBMC T3ch 25/12/2005 + Skin Orbs
- Updated: Codecs audio/video
- Updated: DVD2xbox 0.72
- Updated: Linux X-DSL 0.5
- Updated:Bios X3, X2 5XXX, SmartXX
- Updated: Emulatori
- Added: Utilities per acquisizione screenshots/Video (debug mode)
- Added: Emulatori
ArnoldX v.2 (emulator Amstrad)
AtariLXbox v.5 (emulator Atari 800/5200/130/320/XL/XE)
FBA XXX 26/08/2005 (emulator Arcade)
FCEUltra v.16 (emulator NES/Famicom)
Fmsxbox v.5 (emulator MSX)
NeoCDSDLx v.1.01 (emulator NeoGeoCD)
Nester X v.0.23 (emulator NES)
SmsplusX v.0.9 (emulator Master System)
Vice20x v.3 (emulator VIC20)
WinstonX v.6 (emulator Atari ST)
WonderswanX v.2 (emulator Wonderswan)
X68000X v.3 (emulator X68000)
Xmac beta (emulator Mac)
XVectrex (emulator Vectrex)
HandyX v.1 (emulator Atari Lynx)
Hugo v.1 (emulator PC Engine)

Short Description:

X-Wizard is an autoinstaller designed for Microsoft Xbox to easy customize your console and to prepare a new hard disk to be used on Xbox.

You can install an alternative dashboard like EvolutionX, Avalaunch, UnleashX, UIX, AnodX. This means you will have a not-Microsoft user interface at console boot.