DeadBabiesX extreme edition is a long overdue update to DeadBabiesX
that fixes many bugs, adds a few things, and changes many others.
It's more stream-lined and polished, and carnage-tastic.

I've had this sitting on my drive for some time since the original was
released over a year ago, and in light of the emails I've received lately
I decided I should go ahead and release it for the people who somehow
manage to enjoy this game. I've also released the source for both
deadbabiesx and the extreme edition.

* Removed the menu system entirely, it didn't do anything anyway.
* IGR is now possible from in game.
* All the weapons have been made "eXtreme". More firepower, more carnage,
  more mayhem. 'nuff said.
* New level with new music. Seeing as how the "levels" in DBX aren't really
  more than scenery, this isn't really a big improvement, but it does help
  the blue player see his aimer easier.
* Several graphics improvements. This includes better explosion effects,
  machine-gun muzzle flashes, better railgun impact effects, etc.
* A new weapon: The flame-thrower, which yes, does catch the babies on fire.
* A lot of performance optimization. No more weird stuttering with the
  noise that sounds like a cat going through a meat-grinder. I figure even
  with the "eXtreme"ness you'd be hardpressed to get any significant slow-
  down with all 4 players and thousands of babies.
* A few gameplay improvements. Notably, babies can be exploded in mid-air,
  and the scoring system was reworked a little as well to be less partial
  to the railgun and machine-gun weapons.
* The slow-time super-weapon no longer permanently screws up the music
  pitch. Chalk this one up to a DirectMusic bug, yay.

That said, I'd also like to say I received a surprising number of emails
from people over the past year who were obviously too stupid to read the
readme, because if they did, they'd know the game was multiplayer,
and how to use the super-weapon powerups. I think I speak for all the good
people at xbox-scene when I say read your friggen' readme's!

That said, I'd like to take this space to announce an upcoming project
that I've been working hard on for some time now. I don't have a lot
of specific details yet, but suffice to say that it will be fun and
multiplayer, and deadbabies should not be taken as any indication of the
level of quality I'm aiming for with my new project. If you're interested
and think you'd be able to provide assistance, you're welcome to contact
me at parlance@<remove me> (with the <remove me> removed).