Avalaunch v0.49.2 (build 129) Release Notes

Yupp, somehow we got time to put out this one. Real life is making sure 
we can't do much on a daily basis, but we try. Be patient, we have 
worked a lot on many different things, and it will pay off in the end =)

About video mode switching
To avoid confusion, the runtime modeswitch changes EEPROM values, and 
reinitializes screen - then to overwrite with the previous values,
leaving the screenmode as you selected till reboot).

The EEPROM is an essential part of your Xbox. It contains all the information
the hardware needs to initialize properly. Manipulating the data contained in
this chip always involves a certain risk, as bad data, power failures and other
elements beyond Avalaunch's control can interfere. Although Avalaunch creates
backups, and does everything in its power to ensure that your EEPROM is not
corrupted, we cannot and will not take responsibility for the data contained in
your EEPROM. Please use all EEPROM-manipulating features at your own risk.

We'd like to thank all our users, you've done a great job reporting those bugs,
and keeping us on our toes with new feature requests :-)...

Special thanks fly to bmbr for hosting and maintaining our web site, to D-Blood
for hosting and maintaining our bug tracker and the whole testing team for so
much dedication to help us deliver a great release of Avalaunch!

Also thanks to modchipman for the logo contest prizes and no_remorse for the
great Avalaunch jewels. You guys rock!

- Team Avalaunch
      (The Joker (TJ_CRS), ^Blazed^, lys, jjsmither (Devenic),
                                      JbOnE, r0wdy, A_Snowman)


Changelog :

- Ava core 
 *Added DVD player
 *Added a simple SWF player partially ported from macromedias free sources
 *Added a few X3 features to settings
 *Fixed a few 1.6 issues
 *Fixed a few autoupdater issues
 *Fixed some crashbugs related to the inner core, but might have messed it up a bit instead of making it better
 *Added a second FTP server aimed for nonboost transfers
 *Fixed KAI rooms
 *Added possibillity to join the unstable update trees, this means you become a "semi-tester" on current builds. Might be updated very often, and might have serious bugs.

-DVD player
 *Wrote support for HDTV ( 480p, 720p - disabled 1080i for now, got messed up )
 *Wrote support for digital audio
 *Added menu's
 *Added interactive menus
 *Added screensaver to save projector/plasma screens life
 *Added remote control support
 *Fixed remotecontrol, didn't work without pad inserted
 *Fixed subtitles
 *Fixed widescreen playback

- Skins
 *Kai rooms skin added :
 *boot image put into skin
 *screensaver put into skin
 *dvd controls put into skin :